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Mitt Romney’s grandson dresses as Pierre Delecto for Halloween

Mitt Romney’s grandson dresses as Pierre Delecto for Halloween

By Nicole Gallucci

Witty Halloween costumes can be tricky to arrive up with, but Mitt Romney’s grandson experienced it easy this calendar year.

Earlier in October, Slate’s Ashley Feinberg exposed that the Republican senator of Utah was running a solution Twitter account under the alias, Pierre Delecto.

Romney’s second account was uncovered just after he dropped a couple of hints in an interview with the Atlantic’s McKay Coppins. Right after the suspected account was unveiled, Romney confirmed it was his by telling Coppins, “C’est moi.”

For Halloween, Romney’s grandson Thomas put on a black beret, a pair of sunglasses, and a mustache  dressed as none other than the fictional Pierre Delecto.

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On Thursday morning, Romney’s eldest son Tagg shared photographs of Thomas’ Mitt-themed Halloween costume on Twitter. As you can see, Thomas is decked out in a accommodate and bow tie, and is even sporting aMitt RomneyPierre Delecto title tag. These kinds of determination. Thomas’ brother Joe clearly did not choose a political costume.

Romney received a great offer of criticism for lurking on Twitter with a secret account, but it would seem his grandson’s costume is just absurd and amusing sufficient to make anyone prevent screaming about politics — if only for a next.

Never undervalue the electric power of a strong Halloween costume.

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