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Duracell is hoping to make its coin mobile batteries a tiny less engaging to eat: the company is adding a new bitter coating to its 2032, 2025, and 2016 sizing lithium coin batteries, with the aim of discouraging younger children from accidentally ingesting the usually (seemingly) irresistible-on the lookout batteries.

The new batteries — which started rolling out in outlets earlier this month — aspect a coating on the base that reacts with saliva to release a bitter flavor that will in turn discourage children from actually swallowing the battery. Duracell notes that swallowing a lithium battery can bring about a “harmful chemical response in as little as two hrs.” By making the batteries also bitter to swallow, the corporation is hoping to protect against people issues from coming up.

In accordance to the company, the increased prevalence of coin mobile batteries is owing to at any time smaller sized digital products (like distant controls or Bluetooth trackers). The simple fact that the batteries are perhaps unsafe to children also suggests far more annoying item style and design for adults, like Ikea’s frustratingly challenging-to-clear away battery door on its Sonos remote.

The strategy of utilizing a bittering agent to discourage accidental gadget snacking isn’t a new one particular — most famously, Nintendo uses a comparable technique to discourage youngsters from eating bodily Change game cartridges. And though it is not distinct irrespective of whether Duracell is making use of the identical bittering agent as Nintendo, if it’s nearly anything like the Swap cartridges (whichThe Verge’sexecutive editor Dieter Bohn states “tastes like insecticide,” “It is literally the worst factor,” and that the taste “won’t go absent. I really don’t want to do this once more,”) it possible should do a very fantastic job of discouraging accidental battery snacks.

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