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Media Fails to Understand Trump’s Danger | TOME


Donald Trump: A Threat to Democracy

Former President Donald Trump is not just another politician. He represents an existential threat to democracy in the United States. The warning must be repeated, over and over again, so Americans don’t forget it in November. Despite this, the daily news cycle often ignores the looming danger that Trump poses to the nation.

Trump’s Desire for Dictatorial Power

Trump’s lust for dictatorial power is no secret. He openly admits it, as seen in his public statements and actions. His plans for a second term are centered around revenge and authoritarianism. From crushing dissent to using government agencies as personal weapons, Trump’s agenda is clear. He aims to imprison those who oppose him, enrich himself, and consolidate power at the expense of democracy.

The Media’s Response

Despite Trump’s autocratic ambitions, the mainstream media often fails to address the severity of the situation. Instead of focusing on the impending national crisis, coverage tends to lean towards polls and superficial stories about his rallies. By downplaying Trump’s dictatorial tendencies, the media is complicit in normalizing his dangerous behavior.

Historical Parallels

Drawing parallels to historical figures like Hitler, the article highlights how the press failed to recognize the threat posed by authoritarian leaders before they gained power. Just as Hitler’s rise was initially dismissed as insignificant, Trump’s actions are sometimes trivialized by the media. The incremental nature of daily journalism can lead to complacency and a lack of urgency in addressing critical issues.

The Press’s Role

The press plays a crucial role in holding leaders accountable and informing the public about potential threats to democracy. However, the media’s focus on sensationalism and horse-race coverage often sidelines important issues like Trump’s authoritarian tendencies. By prioritizing poll numbers over criminality and abuse of power, journalists risk normalizing dangerous behavior.

Challenges in Journalism

The structure of journalism, with its daily demands for new content, can hinder in-depth coverage of complex issues like Trump’s authoritarianism. Reporters may relegate crucial information to the background or overlook it entirely in favor of more immediate news. This approach can have serious consequences when dealing with threats to democracy.


As the 2024 election approaches, it is essential for the media to recognize and address the danger that Trump poses to American democracy. By prioritizing substantive coverage over superficial narratives, journalists can fulfill their role as watchdogs and protectors of democracy. Failure to do so could have dire consequences for the future of the nation.

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