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Media captionThe wild claims made by Margaret Fleming’s killers
It changed into a gray day in November 2016 after I answered a name from my newsdesk. As an duty reporter I would effectively be assigned one thing, and on this inform day I changed into asked to stare precise into a lacking particular person’s case. That wasn’t irregular, however because the yarn unfolded it grew to develop into basically the most unheard of I’d worked on.Along with a cameraman, I headed to the coastal village of Inverkip the set up police were appealing for details about Margaret Fleming.She changed into a young girl who hadn’t been considered for 17 years by someone as an alternative of her carers, Eddie Cairney and Avril Jones.

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Margaret Fleming changed into final considered when she changed into 19

From December 1999 there had been no file of Margaret having considered a health care provider, she had never aged a bank yarn and there changed into no proof she changed into on social media.In my career as a reporter, I’ve performed just a few lacking persons cases – however none that sounded love this. How may well per chance somebody be alive however stay undetected for all that time?I adopted the yarn in the months that passed and despite just a few appeals by Police Scotland there remained no observe nor sound of Margaret.Then in October 2017 – almost a year on from the reported disappearance – I changed into handed an different to interview Cairney and Jones at Seacroft, the residence they had shared with Margaret.

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It’s miles believed Margaret Fleming had lived in the Inverkip condominium since 1999

The day changed into as unheard of because the case itself. The condominium changed into in an supreme station, wanting out to the Firth of Clyde. The property looked derelict from the outside, however inner it changed into worse. For me and cameraman Stan Leech, the precious component to hit us changed into the frightful scent. The floorboards creaked, plaster changed into coming off the ceiling and in the back room there changed into a mountainous hole in the residence with handiest tarpaulin between the garden and the inner. I’m able to no longer factor in how frosty winter must were.

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There changed into a tarpaulin over a hole at the back of the residence

Jones changed into quiet and acknowledged she wasn’t feeling effectively. Cairney changed into very talkative, bullish even. He looked outraged that police looked to be treating them as suspects. The interview started with that fashioned set up a matter to – how cease you would perhaps well per chance seemingly effectively be feeling?And what came back changed into an unsurprising acknowledge: “We’re upset at the vogue now we were treated, we feel love suspects, the final year has been hell.”‘She’s alive and dealing as a gangmaster’But then the conversation took a considerable flip. My next set up a matter to, asking whether or no longer the pair had heard from Margaret, introduced about the acknowledge: “Oh certain, she’s alive and dealing as a gangmaster in Poland.”Impact you imply she’s working below a gangmaster? I asked.”No, no – she is the gangmaster,” came the count.

Now, this changed into a woman whose learning difficulties were so complex she couldn’t arrange her financial affairs. About a of the things Cairney acknowledged about Margaret were unrepeatable, unkind and distasteful. But basically the most telling 2nd changed into after I asked Jones what she would prefer to say to Margaret if she changed into looking at now? Here’s a collection up a matter to I set up a matter to in heaps of lacking persons cases, as interviewees are anxious and getting them to describe a loved one is straightforward and locations them at ease.Jones changed into quiet – no longer a observe passed her lips.

In the kill, the interview changed into over and we packed up our equipment and left the residence.As we drove onto the A78 back to the station of job, I asked Stan what he conception. “Properly, that changed into habitual,” he answered.We each agreed it changed into one amongst basically the most habitual days we would had at work. Did we factor in them? About a of it certain – some of it no.Cairney acknowledged he’d been a deep sea diver, and that appears to be like undisputed.

But when he acknowledged he’d spoken to Margaret no longer too long prior to now and I asked if he’d suggested the police, he insisted that they weren’t fervent. To me, that exact wasn’t credible. The interview changed into broadcast the next day and no longer long after that, Cairney and Jones were arrested. Called to give evidenceThe next time I saw them in the flesh they were in the dock at the High Court docket in Glasgow and I changed into in the look box. I changed into known as by the prosecution to give proof all over their trial and I looked on as my interview changed into performed for the jury. It changed into an unhappy experience for a reporter who’s aged to sitting in the clicking gallery. It changed into intriguing to stare at them, however I did preserve a peek at one level. Cairney looked very extinct and Jones looked far-off, as if she changed into disconnected from events.Now they stand convicted of Margaret’s kill. The jury clearly didn’t factor in their version of events. The police and prosecutors luxuriate in performed their job. Justice has been served for her household. But one set up a matter to stays – the set up is Margaret Fleming’s physique?

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