Make China fear India, observe aggressive coverage towards Beijing, says Abhishek Singhvi

New Delhi: Advocating a three-pronged shift in India’s technique vis-à-vis Communist China, Dr Abhishek Singhvi on Saturday (August 1, 2020) mentioned that New Delhi has to spend money on constructing navy functionality, diplomatic heft by aligning with like-minded groupings corresponding to Quad, and inflict financial harm to China, all to instil fear in Communist China’s thoughts in direction of its Asian neighbour, towards the Ladakh battle backdrop.At a webinar organised by Law and Society Alliance, Dr Singhvi mentioned that India and its polity has to develop past native celebration politics to usher in a single-minded, targeted, and unified response to the China problem.
“India and China are two swords in one scabbard called Asia. There has to be forced respectability between the two. In the real world, both respect and outward likeability are consequences of fear. The need is to generate fear about India in China. Only this is going to set the equilibrium between the two giants,” mentioned Dr Singhvi.
He opined that India ought to leverage and exploit the worldwide anti-China sentiment and the unprecedented wave of anger that has swept throughout even these nations like Australia that had tilted in direction of China within the Pacific area below former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. “India’s power to name and shame China has always been less understood and even less considered. That naming and shaming China across the world is a vital tool in India’s armory and I will expect India to unleash a blitzkrieg in which it should name and shame China on the global fora with forthrightness,” added Dr Singhvi. “Look at United States Secretary of State Michael Pompeo. I might not agree with him on everything but his forthrightness on China should be applauded,” expressed Dr Singhvi.
Quoting Singaporean former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, the Congress politician mentioned, “China is not going to become a liberal democracy and if it did, it would collapse.”
Strongly proposing that India ought to work in direction of leveraging its ties with Tibet and Taiwan, the Indian parliamentarian mentioned the divinity and glory of His Holiness the Dalai Lama must be given the fitting place that he deserves in India, and New Delhi should unhesitatingly improve diplomatic relations with Taiwan.
“We have increased our trade from US$66 million to US$6 billion with Taiwan in the recent past. Foxconn, Winstron, and Megatron are Taiwanese companies that have great potential in India. Our shyness towards Taiwan needs to be dropped. We are underestimating the power of frequent and multiple messaging,” mentioned Dr Singhvi.
He concluded by saying, “Today, China shouldn’t be the issue however the Chinese Communist Party is. More than the celebration, Xi Jinping is the issue.”