Saturday, October 31, 2020

Mad City Level 50 Car Review | PantherRBLX

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  1. for those who r saying that i copy flow in some way,
    1. We use the same editors so it’s obvious that we might have the same font of text
    2. If its becasue i made the review video as well, i mean, i do rblx content (mainly jb and mad city) so in a new season its obvious that I will review the cars u get
    3. If its bec of the avatar, flow has a dif face accessory, different sword pack, the shirt IS MY MERCH IN MY GROUP, the scarf is something that goes along with the theme of my channel
    And the animation suits “Panther” and roblox has not a lot of animations so everyone will have the same animation sometimes
    I dont copy flow, i dont copy straw, bruh


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