Friday, September 1, 2023

Libya captures Daesh militant involved in three Tripoli attacks


Title: Libyan Government Captures Daesh Leader Behind Deadly Attacks in Tripoli


The Libyan government has announced the successful capture of a high-ranking leader of the terrorist organization Daesh. This individual is believed to have masterminded and sponsored three deadly attacks in the capital city of Tripoli in 2018. The arrest was made during a joint military operation, and the government has pledged to continue its fight against terrorism and strengthen stability throughout the country.

The Capture of the Daesh Leader

On Tuesday, Libyan forces apprehended a key figure within Daesh who was involved in planning and commanding terrorist acts targeting various institutions in the country. Prime Minister Abdelhamid Dbeibah confirmed the capture during a live television broadcast. While the identity and nationality of the alleged jihadist have not been disclosed, this arrest marks a significant victory for the Libyan government in its ongoing battle against extremist groups.

Commitment to Combat Terrorism

Prime Minister Dbeibah reiterated his government’s unwavering commitment to combat terrorism in all its forms. The capture of this Daesh leader demonstrates their determination to bring those responsible for acts of terror to justice. The government vows to prosecute anyone involved in terrorist activities and work towards strengthening stability across the nation.

Deadly Attacks in Tripoli

The three attacks orchestrated by Daesh in Tripoli during 2018 left a trail of devastation and loss. On May 2, a suicide attack on the headquarters of the Libyan High Electoral Commission claimed the lives of 14 individuals. This act of terror was swiftly claimed by Daesh. Another suicide attack occurred on September 10, targeting the headquarters of the Libyan National Oil Company, resulting in two deaths and ten injuries among company staff. Lastly, on December 25, an attack on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs claimed the lives of three people, including a Libyan diplomat. Daesh claimed responsibility for this assault as well.

Daesh’s Exploitation of Libya’s Security Apparatus

Since the fall of dictator Muammar Qaddafi in 2011, Libya has faced significant challenges in maintaining security and stability. Daesh has capitalized on the country’s weakened security apparatus, carrying out numerous deadly attacks across the nation. The terrorist group has established strongholds in the towns of Derna and Sirte, from which they were previously driven out in 2018 and 2016, respectively.

The Importance of the Capture

The capture of this Daesh leader is a major breakthrough for the Libyan government and its efforts to combat terrorism. By apprehending a key figure responsible for planning and sponsoring attacks, the government has struck a significant blow to the extremist group’s operations in the country. This successful operation showcases the effectiveness of joint military efforts and intelligence cooperation in tackling terrorism.

International Support and Collaboration

The Libyan government’s fight against terrorism has received support from the international community. The United Nations has been actively involved in providing assistance and backing to the government, enabling them to combat extremist groups effectively. International collaboration is crucial in addressing the root causes of terrorism and preventing its spread.

Moving Forward: Strengthening Stability

The capture of this Daesh leader serves as a reminder of the ongoing threat posed by extremist organizations. The Libyan government remains committed to strengthening stability throughout the country, ensuring the safety of its citizens, and preventing future acts of terror. By continuing to work closely with international partners and investing in security measures, Libya aims to create an environment that is hostile to terrorist activities.


The capture of a high-ranking Daesh leader responsible for planning and sponsoring deadly attacks in Tripoli is a significant achievement for the Libyan government. This successful operation demonstrates their commitment to combating terrorism and bringing those responsible to justice. With continued international support and collaboration, Libya aims to strengthen stability and create a secure environment for its citizens. The fight against extremism remains ongoing, but this capture marks a crucial step forward in dismantling Daesh’s operations in the country.

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