Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Lebanese Army Arrests Al Qaeda Leader in Deir Ammar Town


The Lebanese army announced on Saturday that they have apprehended a well-known Al Qaeda leader in the town of Deir Ammar, located northeast of Tripoli. The individual, identified only as “T.M.” was taken into custody on Friday. According to the army’s statement, T.M. is one of the most prominent leaders of Al Qaeda and is responsible for founding its cells in Lebanon. Additionally, he played a significant role in establishing the terrorist group Fatah Al-Islam, which was active in Lebanon over a decade ago. The army noted that T.M. withdrew from the public eye in 2007 following a fierce battle between the military and Fatah Al-Islam at a refugee camp in northern Lebanon. However, he resurfaced after the emergence of Daesh and the Syrian militant group, the Nusra Front.

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