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Khalistan is Pakistan`s challenge designed to subvert nationwide safety of Canada, India

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New Delhi: The Sikh separatists within the West are purportedly making an attempt to drum up curiosity in a referendum on their demand for an impartial state referred to as Khalistan – that means, Land of the Pure. But India has banned the referendum and curiosity is low amongst Sikhs in India, the place thousands and thousands of Sikhs in Punjab voted for a fiercely anti-separatist state authorities.A more in-depth look means that it’s Pakistanis, not Khalistanis, who’re driving the marketing campaign.
In “Khalistan: A Project of Pakistan” senior journalist Terry Milewski reveals the idea of Khalistan as a challenge of Pakistan, designed to subvert the nationwide safety of each Canada and India.
“No matter how low the support for Khalistan sinks in India – and it has sunk very low indeed – the cause still survives in Pakistan, where jihadist groups have made common cause with Sikh separatists against their shared enemy, India,” writes Terry Milewski.
An instance is the main Khalistani determine in Pakistan, Gopal Singh Chawla, who makes no bones about his pleasant alliance with Pakistan’s Hafiz Saeed, chief of Lashkar-e-Taiba. Saeed directed the terrorist assaults of November 2008 that killed 166 folks in Mumbai. He is now in jail. Chawla instructed an Indian reporter that “Hafiz Saeed is my supreme particular person”.
The report added, “For Canadian-Sikh separatists, the Pakistan connection has been problematic, but still essential. As we’ve seen, Babbar Khalsa terrorist and Talwinder Parmar certainly knew where to go when he fled Canada. A picture from a Pakistani gun bazaar at Darra, near the Afghan frontier, shows him hefting an antique machine gun in in July, 1989.”
Another Canadian citizen, Satinderpal Singh Gill from Surrey, BC, really lived for years in Pakistan as a senior official of the International Sikh Youth Federation – banned as a terrorist group in India, Canada, the UK and the US, however not in Pakistan.
More lately, two different Canadians, Bhagat Singh Brar and Parvkar Singh Dulai, are combating their inclusion on a authorities no-fly checklist, after the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) accused them of aiding Khalistani terrorist actions in India. Brar, it stated, was amongst a bunch of people linked to and co-operating with the Pak ISI.
For his half, Dulai has lengthy been a distinguished determine on the Dasmesh Darbar gurdwara in Surrey, BC, the place “martyr” posters of Talwinder Parmar have a spot of honour. Dulai insists he has nothing to do with Sikh extremists however, till it was banned as a terrorist group in 2003, he posted on the Internet a photograph of himself carrying the colors of the Babbar Khalsa, based by Parmar. Neither he nor Brar has been charged with any crime in Canada.
According to an official rely by the Punjab Police (KPS Gill Undated), the 12 years of Sikh insurgency ending in 1993 have been scarred by hijackings, stabbings, shootings and bombings which took a staggering 21,469 lives – and a lot of the victims, whether or not civilian, police or separatist fighters, have been Sikhs.
Fourteen hundred Punjab policemen have been murdered, together with a lot of their relations. Farmers, judges, lecturers, journalists, bankers who lent to the flawed folks, and supply males who introduced the flawed newspapers have been all butchered.
Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, on a go to to Toronto in 2010, made some extent of condemning Sikh extremism on Canadian soil. “Sikh extremism, separatism and militancy were a problem in India more than two decades ago,” he stated. “Today, Punjab is at peace and there is growth and prosperity,” he had stated.
“It appears, then, that Pakistan wants the Sikhs to be free, but not in Pakistan. The separatists, in turn, clearly know where their patron sets the limits. Even drawing a map which presumes upon Pakistan’s generosity is a step too far – one that could sever the lifeline which has sustained the dream of Khalistan for so long. Judging by the silence, even the fiercest Khalistanis feel they must accept this abbreviated, Pakistani version of their new country without a murmur of dissent.” writes Terry Milewski.
As per report, Punjabi author and broadcaster Tarek Fatah, a Muslim who lives in Canada, recollects how in 1973 as a younger journalist he had heard Pakistan’s then prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto telling a bunch of reporters that Pakistan would tear off a chunk of India – Khalistan – to avenge the lack of the 1971 conflict with India, wherein East Pakistan was torn off and become impartial Bangladesh.
“Pakistan will also have Bangladesh carved out of India,” Bhutto promised, “except it will be on Pakistan’s border.”
But the Pakistani curiosity in Khalistan was not confined to revenge and it solely grew extra intense underneath his successor, General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq. Husain Haqqani, a former Pakistani Ambassador to Washington, says that “bleeding” India was definitely the principle motive, however a second was to create a strategic “buffer” between India and Pakistan.
Thirdly, he says, a state of Khalistan would “end India’s land access to Kashmir,” to the north – one other key curiosity for the Pakistani management. Haqqani provides, although, that the creation of a Sikh state stays implausible, leaving solely the unique motivation for pursuing it: inflicting India ache.

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