The venture used to be designed to elevate Kenya's electricity present by 13 percent [Thomas Mukoya/Reuters]
The venture used to be designed to elevate Kenya’s electricity present by 13 percent [Thomas Mukoya/Reuters]

Kenya has unveiled Africa‘s largest wind energy plant, a venture aimed at cutting again electricity costs and dependence on fossil fuels and interesting the nation to meet an courageous aim of 100% green energy next year.

The sprawling wind farm of 365 generators on the shores of Lake Turkana in northern Kenya used to be designed to elevate the nation’s electricity present by 13 percent, giving more Kenyans entry at a decrease be aware, President Uhuru Kenyatta mentioned at its open on Friday.

Kenya has made colossal strides in renewable energy in contemporary years and is regarded as one in all the few African international locations making progress toward neat energy.

About 70 percent of the nation’s electricity comes from renewable sources equivalent to hydropower and geothermal – more than thrice the international common.

Nonetheless one in four Kenyans – largely in rural areas – does now not salvage entry to electricity. Those with energy face high costs and frequent blackouts due to unreliable present.

“This day, we once more raised the bar for the continent as we unveil Africa’s single largest wind farm,” mentioned Kenyatta.

“Kenya is no doubt heading in the correct route to be a international chief in renewable energy.”

Kenyatta, who has launched plans to circulation the nation to 100% green energy by 2020, mentioned energy from the $775m wind farm would wait on the executive reach its objectives of guaranteeing housing, healthcare, jobs and food safety to all electorate.

“This day marks a very indispensable milestone in the nation’s real march against achieving self-sufficiency in energy production,” mentioned Mugo Kibati, chairman of the Lake Turkana Wind Energy, a non-public consortium that runs the plant.

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