Kashmir premier league and Indian sports terrorism

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Sports taught me to set goals; it really gave me a voice and identity. Maia Hamm. Despite all the trials, tribulations and difficulties, Kashmir Premier League is hailed and celebrated as a national triumph throughout the country. Especially the Kashmiri glee knew no bounds. The zeal, zest and vigor of Kashmiri worldwide is exemplary. The unexpressed feelings of gratitude are like wrapping a gift and not giving it.

KPL is going to dawn a new era for the Kashmir cause. It is a nontraditional step ahead to accentuate the Kashmir cause. The paramount significance of KPL can be ballpark figured from its popularity and opposition. It is a lining in the dark clouds for the Kashmir nation. KPL is the harbinger of Kashmiri culture, identity, freedom and fundamental rights. The inborn right of freedom can never be snatched away by brutal force and winds of state terrorism. India is too scared to bear the reality that Kashmiri neither will surrender nor will be taken in their struggle for self determination.

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Indian government conspiring again 

India has cunningly endeavored to sabotage the event by contacting ICC not to recognize the League. The Hindu conspiracy and eternal enmity with Kashmiri have also been exposed by letters to the English and South African Cricket Boards. Marshal Gibbs and some other international players have unveiled the Indian fascist face. Some of the international players have been horrified, terrorized and threatened not to be a part of KPL. The Indian sport terrorism is unbearable. BCCI is once again meddling in the internal affairs of the ICC members.

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The fascist state has forcibly banned its retired cricketers’ participation. The commentators and broadcasters have also been terrorized not to be a part of KPL. India must bear in mind that spirits and vigor can never be terminated by brutal force. The Indian sports jealousy is now crystal clear to every soul. India has heartened the universal feelings of sports and peace by opposing, conspiring and propagating against KPL. It is all due to Indian Luciferian enmity with Kashmiris.

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India Dracula can never stomach Kashmiri identity and their voice is heard internationally. It is really a death delirium for fascist India to watch Kashmir youths sitting, playing and practicing with international players. KPL is going to usher in a new era of Kashmiri culture, identity and their peaceful struggle for freedom. It will also pave the way for tourism, sports journalism, regional harmony, sports investment and world peace. India has licked the dust by opposing KPL as it has utterly failed to politicize the event.

KPL: a chance at reformed Kashmir? 

India is cocked sure that KPL is going to be a milestone for Kashmir cause which is not in her favor in any way. The international players of the League are a source of highlighting Kashmir’s cause internationally. The event will equip the Kashmiri youths with the opportunity of sharing international experience, practice, new opportunities, discipline and international relations. KPL is like a window opening to new horizons of sports and peace.  This event will give a chance to Kashmir youths to prove their abilities, capabilities, sportsmanship and unflinching courage, persistence and spirits.

 The event will trigger, enliven and boost the national spirit of freedom in Kashmiris.  KPL is the message to the whole civilized world that Kashmiris are a peaceful nation and they believe in the peaceful solution of the long standing Kashmir issue as per UN resolutions. Actually, KPL has given a new dimension to the Kashmir cause. From the very name “Kashmir Premier League” it is evident that its axis is Kashmir cause, Kashmiri identity, Kashmiri culture and freedom struggle of Kashmiri nation. We, Kashmir, want peace. We want a bat, not a bullet.

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The Hindu state terrorism brutalities, the massacre of Muslims, the streets are littered with Kashmiri blood and India has turned occupied Kashmir into the world’s largest prison. The human rights violations are at their peak, the women are raped, the children are blinded, the houses are on fire, the properties are burned to ashes, the hearths are cold, the youths are kidnapped, misplaced, tortured and killed, the old are dragged on the roads, the parents are shot dead in front of their kids and the dead bodies are humiliated.

KPL helping with the Kashmir cause 

KPL will lead to the Kashmir cricket team in the future and will prove an ambassador of Kashmiri people worldwide. KPL has once again enlivened and highlighted the Kashmir issue to the international front. A layman is unaware of the vitality of this league. He is limited to the sports level of KPL while the reality is quite different. KPL is much more than a sports festival. Its results will be revealed in the near future. The win or defeat are part of the game, but so far as KPL is concerned we have a win-win position from every angle. Kashmir Premier League is also in the spotlight of international media.

The Hindu state has utterly failed to politicize the League. We need to take solid initiatives regarding the Kashmir issue, the anxiety of Kashmiris cannot be minimized only by sports. Pakistan should include Kashmiri cricketers in its national and international teams for representation like the rest of the provinces. It is the need of the hour to give the Kashmiri representation on all national, regional and international fronts. It is the fundamental right of the people of AJK and GB to be selected for all sports so that they can become a source of their identity.

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The series of KPL must be continued in the future to promote sports, investment, tourism, peace, harmony and equal opportunities, especially for AJK and GB. Kashmiris also aspire to gain representation in international organizations to present their case on an international level. It is the responsibility of Pakistan to ensure Kashmiri representation with the help of intimate countries. Kashmiris are highly grateful to KPL management and we are fully optimistic that in the future, KPL will be a stalwart event. We must improve the drawbacks and uplift KPL to the international level. Kashmiri must be given their due share from KPL income.

The Writer is Prof. in English and Freelance Columnist, based in Lahore, Pakistan. He can be reached at prof.abdulshakoorsyed@gmail.com. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Global Village Space’s editorial policy. 

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