Media organisations in Haiti demanded police protection on Tuesday after the killing of a radio journalist who reported on corruption allegations in opposition to President Jovenel Moise‘s administration.

An unidentified gunman shot journalist Rospide Petion, Forty five, as he drove home dreary on Monday in a car owned by Radio Sans Fin.

“The click is for each person. To reveal all people. In every trend of eventualities,” the Haitian media organisations mentioned in a commentary, adding that all people is free to prepare the media they lift.

“In on the present time and age have to no longer applicable for journalists and media,” Frantz Duval, editor of Le Nouvelliste newspaper, mentioned on Twitter on Tuesday.

Monday’s shooting came amid days of each and every so frequently violent road protests calling for the resignation of Moise, by which several journalists were attacked.

Some protesters accuse certain media shops of being professional-govt.

On Sunday, a photographer with Le Nouvelliste used to be injured by a rubber bullet, and protesters tried to attack a videographer with Radio Television Nationale D’Haiti.

On Monday, newshounds with Radio Tele Ginen had been attacked with rocks as protesters vandalised their vehicles.

Moise issued a commentary on Tuesday asserting Petion’s killing used to be a “corrupt act” that weighed heavily on Haiti’s press.

“I vehemently condemn this villainous crime,” he mentioned.

Petion used to be married and had three kids.

Corruption allegations

The judges of the High Court of Auditors mentioned in a document last week that Moise used to be on the centre of an “embezzlement plan” that had siphoned off Venezuelan merit money intended for road repairs.

The judges’ document laid out a litany of examples of corruption and mismanagement.

The magistrates stumbled on, as an illustration, that in 2014 Haitian authorities signed contracts with two utterly different corporations – Agritrans and Betexs – for the same road-restore mission. The 2 turned out to contain the same tax registration number and the same personnel.

Moise, sooner than he came to power in 2017, headed Agritrans, which received better than 33 million gourdes ($700,000 on the time) to pause the road work, despite the true fact that the firm in precept did nothing but grow bananas.

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