Jordanian security forces deny ‘lockdown’ rumors in Al-Ruwaished

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DUBAI: Jordanian authorities have denied a rumored lockdown by police forces in Al-Ruwaished, alleged to be part of ongoing crackdown on drug dealers in the area.
The anti-drug campaign in the country’s eastern area is making significant progress and drug dealers are spreading false information to relieve some of the pressure on them, according to the Public Security Directorate’s (PSD) statement on state news agency Petra on Tuesday.
The statement also refuted claims that security forces are preventing the local community in Al-Ruwaished from going about their daily lives, calling the rumors ‘unfounded and completely false’.
All public utilities, shops, gas stations and bakeries are open for business as usual, contrary to what some are trying to promote, said the statement.
PSD clarified that house searches ‘were conducted in accordance with the law and were limited to the residences of drug trafficking and promotion suspects.’
The security directorate said in its statement that Al-Ruwaished is an unrestricted open region, accessible by both local communities and outsiders.
Security forces deployed in the region have been targets of shootings by drug dealers in the area, which demonstrates the danger these people pose to society, wrote PSD in its statement.
They also emphasized that attempts to mislead public opinion will not deter security forces from operating in northern Badia or from going after drug dealers, nor will they succeed in undermining trust between security personnel and local citizens.


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