Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Israeli Strikes Disable Damascus and Aleppo Airports: Syrian State Media


Israeli Strikes Put Syria’s Main Airports Out of Service

Israeli strikes on Sunday have caused significant damage to Syria’s two main airports, resulting in their temporary closure. This is not the first time that Israeli strikes have disrupted flights at the government-controlled airports in Damascus and Aleppo, but it is the second time this month that simultaneous strikes have targeted these facilities.

The strikes, which occurred at around 5:25 am, targeted both Damascus and Aleppo international airports. According to a military source quoted by state news agency SANA, a civilian worker at Damascus airport was killed, and another was injured. The attacks also caused extensive damage to the runways, rendering them out of service.

The transport ministry has redirected flights to Latakia airport, located on the country’s western coast. This is a common practice when the main airports are temporarily closed due to security concerns. Passengers are inconvenienced by the rerouting, but it ensures their safety during times of heightened tensions.

The military source stated that the strikes were carried out simultaneously from two directions. One attack came from the Mediterranean west of Latakia, while the other originated from the occupied Syrian Golan. This coordinated assault demonstrates the precision and planning behind the Israeli strikes.

This is not the first time that Israeli strikes have targeted Syria’s airports. On October 12, simultaneous strikes knocked both Damascus and Aleppo airports out of service. Last weekend, Aleppo airport was also targeted, resulting in five injuries and further disruption to air travel.

Israel has been conducting airstrikes in Syria for over a decade, primarily targeting Iranian-backed forces, Lebanese Hezbollah fighters, and Syrian army positions. The Israeli government has consistently expressed its opposition to Iran’s expanding presence in Syria and has taken action to prevent it.

It is worth noting that Israel rarely comments on individual strikes it carries out on Syria. However, its stance on preventing Iran’s influence in the region has been clear. Israel sees Iran as a significant threat and is determined to counter its activities in Syria.

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has further escalated tensions in the region. While the focus of the conflict has primarily been on Gaza, the repercussions are felt beyond its borders. The recent strikes on Syria’s airports highlight the wider implications of the conflict and the potential for further escalation.

The closure of Syria’s main airports has significant implications for the country’s economy and its people. Airports play a crucial role in facilitating trade, tourism, and humanitarian aid. With the airports out of service, Syria will face challenges in receiving essential supplies and maintaining its connections with the outside world.

As the conflict continues, it is essential for all parties involved to prioritize the safety and well-being of civilians. The destruction caused by airstrikes not only disrupts daily life but also exacerbates the suffering of the Syrian people who have endured over a decade of war.

In conclusion, Israeli strikes have once again put Syria’s main airports out of service, causing significant damage and disruption to air travel. The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has further escalated tensions in the region, with wider implications for neighboring countries like Syria. It is crucial for all parties involved to seek peaceful resolutions and prioritize the well-being of civilians affected by the conflict.

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