Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Israeli forces accused of branding Star of David on Palestinian man’s cheek


LONDON: A Palestinian man who was detained by Israeli forces in occupied East Jerusalem was allegedly violently beaten and had the Star of David branded on his cheek, Israeli media reported on Friday.


The incident occurred on Wednesday during a police raid of the man’s home in the Shuafat refugee camp. The man’s lawyer filed charges of police brutality to a Jerusalem district court on Thursday. Shockingly, none of the 16 officers involved in the arrest had their body cameras on, according to Ynet news website.

The Allegations

During the remand hearing, the man’s attorney, Wadim Shub, alleged that officers blindfolded his client and beat him with their fists all over his body. Additionally, Shub claimed that they branded the Palestinian man’s cheek with the Jewish Star of David symbol. The arrest left him covered with bruises and cut marks on his face.

In a statement, the man’s lawyer called the incident “a grave case of intentional violence and humiliation of a detainee by police” and demanded an immediate police investigation. Shub also raised concerns about the racially motivated nature of the injuries.

Police Denial

However, the police denied the allegations of branding a Star of David on the man’s cheek. They claimed that the officers used “reasonable force” to arrest him and that the “bruise that is similar to a triangle” was caused by a boot pressed against his face.

The presiding judge, Amir Shaked, reportedly expressed his “horror” over the police’s conduct and directed the case to the police’s internal investigations department. He also ordered that the Palestinian man remain in detention until Sunday.


This incident raises serious concerns about police brutality and the treatment of detainees in occupied East Jerusalem. The lack of body camera footage from the officers involved is particularly troubling, as it leaves room for speculation and undermines transparency.

If the allegations are proven true, it would be a clear violation of human rights and an abuse of power by the Israeli forces. The branding of a religious symbol on the man’s cheek is not only physically and emotionally traumatic but also represents a form of religious discrimination.

The incident also highlights the ongoing tensions and conflicts in the region. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been a longstanding issue, and incidents like these further exacerbate the divide between the two communities.

Call for Investigation

It is crucial that an immediate and thorough investigation into this incident takes place. The police’s internal investigations department must conduct a fair and impartial inquiry to determine the truth behind the allegations of police brutality.

If any wrongdoing is found, those responsible must be held accountable for their actions. This includes not only the officers directly involved but also any higher-ranking officials who may have been aware of or condoned such behavior.


The alleged violent beating and branding of a Palestinian man by Israeli forces in occupied East Jerusalem is a deeply concerning incident. It highlights the need for greater accountability and transparency in law enforcement practices.

It is essential that all individuals, regardless of their background or ethnicity, are treated with dignity and respect by law enforcement agencies. Any form of discrimination or abuse must be condemned and addressed promptly.

Only through a commitment to justice and equality can progress be made towards a peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is the responsibility of both Israeli and Palestinian authorities to ensure the protection of human rights and the fair treatment of all individuals within their jurisdictions.

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