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Israeli Bombardment Devastates Rimal in Gaza City | TOME


The Devastation in Gaza: A Different Kind of Destruction

The Gaza Strip has been no stranger to violence and destruction over the years, but the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas militants has left residents struggling to comprehend the scale of damage inflicted on their city. In particular, the upscale Rimal neighborhood in Gaza City, with its shopping malls, restaurants, and offices belonging to aid groups and international media, has been severely affected.

Unprecedented Destruction

While Rimal has been targeted in previous conflicts, the level of destruction witnessed this time is unparalleled. Israeli bombs have torn through upper-class apartment towers, demolished mosques and university buildings, and wrecked high-rise offices of prominent organizations. The heart of Gaza City, with its bustling boulevards filled with salons, shops, and eateries, has been shattered.

Symbolic Significance

The devastation in Rimal holds symbolic significance for many Palestinians. It represents the destruction of their public life and community. Palestinian businessman Ali Al-Hiyak laments that “Israel has destroyed the center of everything.” The targeting of the middle and upper classes in Rimal has sent a clear message that no one is safe from the conflict’s consequences.

Intense Bombing Campaign

Following Hamas’ deadly attack on Israel, the Israeli military launched an intense bombing campaign in Gaza City. Residents reported hearing sounds they had never heard before, describing it as “the sound of revenge.” The civilian death toll has rapidly risen, with over 800 people killed and thousands more wounded. Israel’s decision to cut off water supplies and electricity has further exacerbated the already dire humanitarian conditions in Gaza.

Israel’s Strategy

Israel’s military spokesperson, Avichay Adraee, stated that Israel was attempting to evacuate civilian populations from areas with a Hamas presence before unleashing powerful destruction. Drone footage reveals the extent of the destruction, with central Gaza City reduced to dirt craters and ruins. However, most Palestinian civilians have been unable to evacuate due to the lack of bomb shelters and strict control over the enclave’s borders.

Annihilating Hamas

Analysts believe that Israel’s objective in this conflict is not just to repel Hamas but to destroy it entirely. The militant group’s unprecedented attack on Israeli civilians and soldiers has left Israel determined to eliminate its military capacity. Kobi Michael, a senior fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies, explains that Israel’s strategic prospect is to “annihilate, destroy, and demolish” Hamas. Failing to do so would only lead to further conflicts in the future.

Collective Punishment

However, Palestinians in Gaza view Israel’s actions as collective punishment. Hospitals are struggling to function without fuel, homes and infrastructure have been demolished, and the prospect of reconstruction seems impossible. Iyad Bozum, spokesman for Gaza’s Interior Ministry, expresses concern that there will be nothing left to rebuild after the conflict ends.

Ordinary Lives Destroyed

The strikes on Rimal have not only claimed the lives of ordinary residents but have also destroyed their homes and livelihoods. Issa Abu Salim, a resident whose home was reduced to rubble, laments the loss of everything he had worked for. The destruction of Rimal has left a lasting impact on the lives of its residents.


The recent conflict between Israel and Hamas has brought unprecedented devastation to the Gaza Strip. The destruction in Rimal, Gaza City’s upscale neighborhood, has shattered the heart of the community and left Palestinians struggling to rebuild their lives. While Israel aims to annihilate Hamas, Palestinians view the Israeli military’s actions as collective punishment. As the conflict continues, the people of Gaza face an uncertain future with little hope for immediate recovery.

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