Friday, September 1, 2023

Israel: US Approves Sale of Arrow 3 Missile Defense System to Germany


Germany Approves Purchase of Arrow 3 Missile Defense System from Israel

In a historic military deal, Germany has approved the purchase of the Arrow 3 hypersonic missile defense system from Israel. The United States, in collaboration with Israel, has given its approval for the sale, making it the largest military deal in Israel’s history. The deal is worth a staggering $3.5 billion.

The Arrow 3 system is an advanced interceptor designed to shoot down ballistic missiles outside the Earth’s atmosphere. It is jointly developed and produced by Israel and the United States, showcasing the strong partnership between the two countries in the field of defense technology.

Israel’s defense ministry announced that the US State Department had notified them of the US government’s approval for Germany to procure the Arrow 3 system. Senior officials from both Israel and Germany’s defense ministries will sign a letter of commitment to the deal, with an initial payment of $600 million.

The Arrow 3 system is renowned for its exceptional long-range interception capabilities, operating at high altitudes above the atmosphere. It is considered the top interceptor of its kind and employs a hit-to-kill approach for intercepting incoming threats. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant expressed his satisfaction with the agreement, stating that it would significantly contribute to Israel’s force buildup and economy. He also emphasized the symbolic importance of Germany acquiring Israeli defense capabilities for the Jewish community.

According to Israeli manufacturer IAI, the Arrow 3 system can intercept ballistic missiles fired from a distance of up to 2,400 kilometers. Since its deployment in 2017, it has played a crucial role in protecting Israel against potential attacks from Iran and Syria.

The final contract for the deal is expected to be signed by the end of 2023, pending approval from the parliaments of both Germany and Israel. Once approved, Germany expects to receive the Arrow 3 system in the final quarter of 2025.

This military deal comes in the wake of Germany’s efforts to bolster NATO’s air defenses in Europe, particularly in response to Russia’s relentless missile strikes on Ukraine. Germany has been urging its allies to invest in deterrence systems together, leading to the formation of the European Sky Shield initiative. More than a dozen European countries have already signed up for this initiative, highlighting the growing concern over missile threats in the region.

The purchase of the Arrow 3 system by Germany not only strengthens its own defense capabilities but also enhances the collective security of NATO allies. The advanced technology and interception capabilities of the Arrow 3 system will provide an additional layer of protection against potential missile attacks.

This deal also highlights the close collaboration between Israel, the United States, and Germany in the field of defense technology. It showcases the trust and confidence that Germany has placed in Israel’s expertise and innovation in developing cutting-edge defense systems.

In conclusion, the approval of Germany’s purchase of the Arrow 3 hypersonic missile defense system from Israel marks a significant milestone in the history of military cooperation between the two countries. This deal will not only enhance Germany’s defense capabilities but also contribute to Israel’s force buildup and economy. With the final contract expected to be signed soon, both countries can look forward to a strengthened partnership in ensuring regional security and stability.

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