Saturday, October 28, 2023

Intella moves HQ to Saudi Arabia amid AI boom.


Intella, a leading deep tech company in the Middle East, is relocating its headquarters to Saudi Arabia after gaining significant traction in the country. CEO and founder Nour Taher sees Saudi Arabia as a hub for tech companies and plans to play a core role in the Saudi tech ecosystem. Intella’s mission is to capture voice data and convert it into text, which they then analyze and mine for valuable information. The company offers a wide range of AI-powered products, including Intella Contact Center Intelligence, Intella Surveys, and Intella Voice. With Saudi Arabia positioning itself as a cornerstone for AI development in the region, Intella sees massive opportunities for AI adoption in the country. The company has already cemented its position in the Kingdom with a majority of its client base coming from Saudi Arabia as well as landing multiple partnerships. Intella aims to position itself as a market leader in the Saudi space and is actively hiring in Riyadh across a wide range of roles.

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