So KFC apparently has its individual dating sim now. And I want it like I want my up coming assisting of genuine Kentucky Fried Rooster: in my face now.

What if😳…

You and The Colonel🤩…

Went on a to start with date😜… to KFC😱…

Haha😂.. just kidding🤠…


— KFC Gaming (@kfcgaming) September 10, 2019

The game, titled I Like You Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Great Relationship Simulator (wow, that is more of a mouthful than an Further Crispy drumstick), is an official KFC product, in accordance to a assertion they gave Polygon. It was made by Psyop, a game developer that seemingly specializes in licensed advertising. This isn’t the very first time KFC has created overtures to the gaming environment: see also, the KFC Gaming Twitter (“Finger Clickin’ Good”). I’m going to guess the similar brains in the internet marketing section ended up driving both equally that and this activity.

In ILYCS!AFLGDS, you engage in a culinary student studying alongside the presumably quickly-to-be well-known Colonel Sanders. The Colonel appears to be like as interesting and pleasant as ever and, in the grand tradition of courting sims, you have the option of wooing him — which you will simply because, you know, why move up that type of possibility? The activity also has a selection of other courting sim staple figures, such as a pet who’s evidently one particular of your culinary faculty professors.

The description on the Steam web page is quite tongue-in-cheek, but still appears very amazing: “Many hours of participate in-through… A key ending! Shh!… Solution recipes! Double Shh!… Cooking battles… Struggle battles… 11 Herbs and Spices.”

In scenario you essential additional enticement (which, let’s be serious in this article, you don’t), the match also functions positively drool-deserving illustrations of KFC‘s menu goods, with special attention staying paid to the fried hen.

Credit history: Psyop/KFC

Admittedly, when I initial heard about this, my head promptly conjured up a memory from my teenage many years. Did anyone in addition to me watch The Nanny? In that display, the titular character (performed by Fran Drescher) is a single day out from marrying her paramour, when her mother Sylvia will come to fetch her for the obligatory 24 hour “bad luck” separation. When Fran protests that they have two much more minutes right before the deadline, her mom states “There’s only one person who can you should a girl in two minutes: Colonel Sanders.”

So normally, the first assumed when my editor slid this assignment above to my desk was, “Gee, I surprise if Sylvia was appropriate.”

I’m striving not to take a look at the truth that, much from a very simple avatar of a franchise, Colonel Harland Sanders was a actual man or woman who might not be awesome with his visage currently being made use of this way ended up he even now amid the dwelling. However I suppose I really do not feel as weird about it as I would for, say, a video game in which you day Wendy’s namesake, who is very much alive.

And hey, this isn’t the worst video game-dependent-all-around-a-quick-meals-mascot to ever exist… I indicate, Sneak King still exists.

According to the Steam site, the activity will be available for free on September 24.

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