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How to Keep a Cat Off a Christmas Tree, According to Reddit

How to Keep a Cat Off a Christmas Tree, According to Reddit

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Cats adore Christmas trees. A ton of them enjoy messing with the tree, even climbing it. They’ll knock off the ornaments, make needles drop, and eventopple the tree. I looked via Reddit, the place each individual user owns two hundred cats, digging through many years of posts for the best information on maintaining cats from ruining Christmas trees or hurting them selves.

Get or make a tree skirt

A retail outlet-acquired tree skirt might block your cat from climbing, if you get the suitable form. RedditorTaricha_torosaimplies an more-fluffy skirt.TheFrostedForestmakes use of a fluffy tree skirt that’s comfy enough to distract the cats from the tree by itself. Or consider a trickytree collar.

A ring of plastic bags stops some cats, as revealed in just one consistently shared image, wherever a cat stares ata totally decorated Xmas tree surrounded by plastic buying luggage.

If your cat enjoys to play with plastic bags, you can test a distinctive materials.

  • Redditordontakelife4grantedtakes advantage of crumpled foil.
  • Dangerstar19suggests laying tape down, sticky-side up.
  • Mattsmith321uses foilandtape.
  • Bloomingnblossomingpiles up gifts—and fake items for filler—in a ring all-around the tree.

Get innovative

You might have to vacation resort to intense actions. Some of these seem to be sadder than no tree at all, so make your individual phone.

  • Jadez7789 demonstratesthe paper tree they set on the wall, for the toddler to play with and for the cat to overlook.
  • Zombilocks displays off theirXmas cactus.
  • Pet_Rock788wraps pine garlands close to their cat’s typical tower, and sprinkles them with catnip.
  • Fsacoanchors the tree to the ceiling.Gardengoddess52works by using a fishing line strung to a hook on the wall.
  • FlerkenBaitdisplays how to anchor the tree to the flooring: strap that matter to a cinder block like it snitched on a mafia don.
  • A pic posted by y3ahboiy displays a tree-primedangling from the ceiling, with the bottom missing. Even if this is not photoshopped, it’s a unusual glance.
  • If you don’t ordinarily get a Xmas tree, your cat’s really like for trees might be an possibility. The day following Christmas,Anneisabitchpicks up a affordable tree just for the cats to perform with.

Really do not add accessories that make the tree even extra attractive. Inthis movie of a caged mini-tree, the cats rapidly yank the string of lights out of the cage.

Spray a repellent

Use a cat repellent spray.Rachaelcutie314suggests peppermint.Cfrech59suggests a bitter apple spray.MakiseKurisu23makes use of citrus. You can get these and other repellents at a pet keep.

Don’t use a aromatic medicine like Vicks VapoRub. Some redditors advise coating ornaments with Vicks, but the Food and drug administrationwarns against exposing pets to topical suffering drugs, including the camphor in Vicks and Tiger Balm.

Make a festive cat tree

If you just want a festive residing room centerpiece, then convert your cat tree into a Xmas tree.

  • Specious_bobcrafted a cute cat tree out of Xmas-print containers.
  • Jenpriester shares aground-to-ceiling Christmas treewhich is essentially a cat tree.

Observe harm reduction

If your cat insists on batting at the tree, you can at minimum minimize the damage.

  • RedditorAncapNomadindicates making use of plastic (or or else low-cost and hardy) ornaments on the bottom branches, the place they are not as obvious anyway.
  • Don’t use tinsel, which is undesirable for your cats to consume, suggestsgardengoddess52.
  • Rabbithasacatleaves their tree undecorated for a working day or two, so their cat gets utilized to it. By the time they embellish their tree, the cat’s currently bored with it.

In some homes, cats and Xmas trees peacefully co-exist. There’sa complete charming subreddit of cats experiencing trees. Browse by means of it

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