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How to develop critical thinking of Pakistani students?

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Understanding students’ psychology immensely helps to improve learning and boost up cognitive skills of students. It plays a decisive role in recognizing weak as well as strong aspects of learning. It influences analytical guts in a positive way thus, enhanced chances of learning. But unfortunately, Pakistani teachers are not well aware of the tactics which determine the mental aspects of a student and their interest in a specific subject.

Flaws in our education system 

As Pakistan has inherited its education system by it’s colonizer, Britain, it, by a large extent, deprives students of their strong cognitive skills. Although it is unfair to only blame teachers, the whole system is designed in such a way that it devoid a person from thinking analytically . Hence, the system, from grass root level needs to be ameliorated so that the coming generations do not suffer in the same way.

Progressive teaching is the only instrument which will empower Pakistan to compete with developed nations

Most of the teachers force students to choose a path which further suppresses their cognitive abilities. For instance, the concept of focusing more on attaining high scores by rather than learning. This inhibits quality education which is a need of this era. Due to a lack of quality education, our country is far behind in every sphere, whether its technology or science. Undoubtedly, such ways of teaching further dominate critical thinking, making students focus more on marks and exams. This is the reason why the whole system is frozen and paralyzed and cannot produce critical thinking minds.

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Today we have a number of degree holders, but we lack inclusionary scientists, engineers, doctors, teachers, etc. Pakistan’s obsolete syllabus further decreases opportunities of quality education.

Finland’s education system 

Understanding and analyzing students’ progressive aspects paves way to intellectuality. Simultaneously, it expands thinking space. Finland has the world’s best education system. If we put a brief glance on its education system, we will come to know how they have been successful in the education sector even surpassing America. Consecutive governments in Finland paid historical services in improving the quality of education by implementing advanced reforms.

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Moreover, they have introduced science-based teachers who attain the teaching profession after completing reasonable skill development trainings. In Finland, teachers have to go through various examinations before they embark on their teaching careers. In addition, they have developed their curricula in such a way which can deal with contemporary issues of the world. Such methods prepare students for lifetime and not just for exams.

Improvements needed to empower Pakistani students

Progressive teaching is the only instrument which will empower Pakistan to compete with developed nations. This is, however, a time-consuming process which cannot be achieved overnight.

Recognizing students’ strong as well as fragile mental capabilities can dramatically influence learning and widen thinking space

Since the inception of the country, many rulers came into power but hardly anyone has worked for the advancement of education.

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Teaching is, however, a profession which demands the highest of skills to perform well. Therefore, it must be a prime concern for the incumbent government and policy makers to realize the urgency of the matter and implement quality ridden reforms in education which may resolve the embedded issues. Finland’s education system is a beacon of light for countries like Pakistan to follow. Introducing a wide range of skill boosting programs for teachers can deliver positive results.

Recognizing students’ strong as well as fragile mental capabilities can dramatically influence learning and widen thinking space. Therefore, it is imperative for teachers to adopt best possible skills to teach students according to their mentality. If teachers adopt such measures, the result would inevitably be constructive. Implementing constructive policies will generate productive results.

The write is based in Awaran, Balochistan and teaches at the Delta language center Quetta. The views expressed in this article are author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.



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