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How Do You Justify a $180 Smart Mug

How Do You Justify a $180 Smart Mug

Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)

An normal mug charges involving $five and $10, though a wonderful travel mug goes for around $twenty, or possibly a little much more if you’re sensation extravagant. So how on earth does a company justify a intelligent mug that charges a whopping $one hundred eighty?

Whilst it could sound outlandish, this concern isn’t purely hypothetical, since many thanks to theEmber’s next-gen Journey Mug, the worth of a $one hundred eighty clever mug is a little something that actually requirements to be examined. So what makes this travel mug so wise?

common heated clever mugwithout the need of the additional insulation or leak-proof leading that goes for $one hundred, which if you only treatment about trying to keep your drinks heat, helps make a great deal extra perception, both almost and monetarily.

It’s kind of bizarre when a product does accurately what it claims to do, and nonetheless you’re however kinda of let down. The 2nd-gen Ember Travel Mug is a properly-developed unit that can make sipping coffee or tea just a little bit more pleasing, irrespective of no matter whether you are sitting at property or on the way to perform, but it is also 10 times the rate of a typical journey mug. Some people today could possibly say which is a preposterous sum of dollars to devote on a mug, and it is! But I’m not here to notify you how to commit your income. The mug is awesome and it does its career, but for $one hundred eighty, I just wish the journey mug supplied a little bit much more benefit.


  • The Journey Mug has a battery lifestyle of up to a few hrs, although the standard Mug only lasts about 1.five hrs.
  • The Journey Mug’s crafted-in heater retains warm drinks among a hundred and twenty and a hundred forty five levels Fahrenheit (or 50 and sixty two.5 C).
  • The Travel Mug only holds twelve ounces of liquid, which is a lot less than its over-all dimensions could possibly recommend.
  • $180 is A Lot of money to invest just to preserve your beverages warm, which can make the Ember’s frequent heated Mug a a lot improved invest in if you never treatment about your commute.

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