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HBO to Adapt The Last of Us Video Game Ending: Latest News!


HBO’s The Last of Us is approaching its end, and according to one of the show’s main stars, Bella Ramsey, it will be a controversial one. The show has received high praise for its great story, excellent acting from Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, and scenes that are true to the game. Due to its success, Season 2 was renewed early.

Season 1 has stayed true to the game so far, leading many to believe that it will end the same way. Ramsey, who plays Ellie on the show, spoke to Vogue UK about the last two episodes of the show. She hinted that the next-to-last episode, airing this Sunday, will be very violent, saying, “It was exhausting to film.”

Ramsey also said that those were some of her favourite days on set, despite being tiring. When asked what she could say to get people excited about the finale, Ramsey said that the last episode of Season 1 would “massively” divide fans.

The last episode of Season 1 of The Last of Us is only 43 minutes long, according to reports. In a separate interview with Elle, Ramsey expressed her desire to play Ellie for as long as she can. She said that she would like to do so “forever.”

When talking about Season 2, Ramsey said, “There are no limits to how we can bring Ellie to life on screen.” She also revealed that she had already seen gameplay from The Last of Us Part II, in which Ellie is older and more violent.

The game’s ending saw Joel and Ellie reach the Firefly camp at Salt Lake City’s St. Mary’s Hospital. Marlene tells Joel that for a vaccine to be made, Ellie has to die. Since Joel can’t let go of Ellie, he kills a lot of Firefly soldiers in the hospital, including Marlene, to save her.

Ellie wakes up again while Joel is driving the car away from the hospital. Ellie asks Joel what happened, but he lies to her by telling her that her own immunity is not enough to make a cure. Ellie makes Joel swear that everything he told her was true before she goes back to Jackson, which is Tommy’s town. Joel says, “I swear.”

Ramsey’s comments suggest that HBO’s The Last of Us will probably have the same ending as Naughty Dog’s video game, which could start a lot of conversations. The ending of the game was memorable and made a lot of people think about whether or not Joel was right to save Ellie.

Since HBO’s The Last of Us has a reputation for showing game-accurate moments, it’s a safe bet that the heartbreaking scene where Joel saves Ellie and then lies to her at the end would be in it. If that’s the case, a lot of fans will probably talk about the ending on social media.

Some fans or people who believe in the “cause” would disagree with that important sequence because it takes away any hope for humanity in the world of The Last of Us. Others would understand what Joel did for Ellie, especially since they had to travel across the country together and were very close.

The Last of Us has been getting a lot of attention online in recent episodes, and it looks like a controversial ending is about to send it back to the top of the trending list. This Sunday, March 5, at 9 p.m. ET, HBO will show the first new episode of The Last of Us. For more information about the series, check out our guides on the cast of The Last of Us, who are hunters, and who is Tess?

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