Gujarat: Army helicopter makes ‘precautionary landing’

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An ALH helicopter belonging to the Army made a “precautionary landing” in a farm in Vina village in Mahuda taluka of Kheda late on Saturday night, whereas it was on a sortie Vadodara to Ahmedabad.

A launch from the Defence wing stated the “precautionary landing” was made by Colonel BR Nambiar, displaying “immense situational awareness and good flying skills to ensure a safe landing”. The chopper was flying prime defence officers, Kheda cops stated. DSP GS Shayan stated the district police has deployed personnel to cordon off the sector the place the chopper landed. “The chopper will remain there until the time that the defence technical team arrives and does the needful. The defence will take care of that part, the district police is only ensuring that the curious locals do not go near as the main road is barely 25 meters from the field.”

The helicopter, defence officers stated, had developed a technical snag and was pressured to land on a farm in Vina Village. The Kheda district police helped six officers,who had been travelling on the helicopter, reach the circuit home in Nadiad from the place preparations had been made for his or her travel to Ahmedabad by highway, afterward Saturday night.