“Global Power Shift: Universal Energy Access and Biodiversity Vital, Says WEF Official”


Roberto Bocca, head of energy and materials and a member of the executive committee at the World Economic Forum, has emphasized that sustainability should not be the only focus as the world transitions to renewable energy. He highlighted the importance of energy security, universal energy access, and biodiversity as other key considerations. Bocca noted that trillions of dollars in investment will be required to facilitate a smooth energy transition, and that governments will face challenges in supplying both traditional and renewable energy sources due to increasing demand. He also stressed that a complete switch from fossil fuels to renewables is unrealistic, and that carbon emissions are the real problem. Bocca suggested that a diversified energy mix, including nuclear, oil, gas, coal, and renewables, is necessary to meet growing demand. He praised companies such as Saudi Arabian Oil Co. for their commitment to achieving net-zero targets, and noted that public-private collaboration is essential to achieving transition goals.