Monday, November 30, 2020

Genesis G80 2021 review | Chasing Cars

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  1. Very nice, did you mention the price? And the white colour exterior, it that a flat or matt finish. On negative, don't care for counter rotating instruments ie the rev counter. At least it isn't one of those dreadful flat plane LCD displays.

  2. Love it, love it, love it! Say no more I drove a Genesis when it was launched in 2014 and it was on par with my Caprice if not better it was so good this however is on another complete level definitely at least second best in class on par with 5 series

  3. Excellent review on this G80, really like the interior. The exterior is not overdone and not Hyundai like in any way which is why I think it will do well especially with the 3.5 TT. Price could be the only issue it will really be up to the buyer to justify that I think and the other factor will be long term reliability, time will tell. Could be another option between Japanese luxury and German luxury. Thanks Tom again nice 300.

  4. Nice detailed review but although it is pleasing to see that this is a brand new model, I think it would appeal to the hire car market with its US styling and rear seat comfort. Also, maybe Hyundai could have had some Australian input into the suspension tune to improve ride on country roads.

  5. Awesome review Tom! As a Caprice owner I can't wait to pick one up second hand in a few years .. I have to say mate I LOVE the fact Genesis have given us a comfortable "boat like " ride. As someone with chronic back issues it's extremely annoying just how firmly sprung/suspended modern cars are from hatchbacks to so called luxury cars that are so sharp on our C grade roads that they almost shake your fillings out and which for me are unusable. Kudos to you as a journo who acknowledges this is a luxury car and that the suspension tune is fitting for the people this is marketed to and the type of car it is.. Some journos get in cars like these then whine like toddlers that its not firm enough and won't hit an apex on a track etc
    Keep up the great work mate..


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