Gaza beekeeper cares for hives near tense border


Amidst the ongoing conflict between Palestinian militants and the Israeli army, beekeeper Miassar Khoudair checks on her queen bee in a field near Gaza’s border. The bees are at risk from the deadly cross-border fire, which includes gases, rockets, and dust. Despite the dangers, the farmland near the border is one of the few areas suitable for beekeeping in Gaza’s densely-populated urban environment. The conflict has caused significant damage to beehives, poultry farms, and livestock, with losses reaching $225,000. Khoudair’s bees provide her with a job in a region with 45% unemployment, and she sells traditional eating honey as well as honey-based infusions for medicinal purposes. She urges people to care about the bees’ produce, which is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an and is healthy and strengthened with vitamins.