By Obaid ur Rehman.

A new series of Indian brutality in Kashmir has recently started on 9th July when thousands of Kashmiris came out to protest and mourn the death of rebel leader Burhan Wani who got martyrdom in an encounter with Indian Army and Police. Indian Armed Forces didn’t mind opening straight fires on innocent protesters where women and children were also there. Since then, more than 60 Kashmiris have lost their lives and thousands of them got severely injured. The victims of Pellet Guns who lost their eyes and got life time injuries, have ultimately reflected the real terror face of Indian government that claims worldwide to be so called Champions of Human Rights.

Since the martyrdom of a Kashmiri Freedom Fighter Burhan Wani by the hands of evil Indian Armed Forces, voices against freedom of Kashmir have become much louder than before. People in Kashmir, inspite of curfew in the region, were not reluctant to come out on roads and to protest against Indian terrorism demanding freedom. Kashmiris in huge numbers also waved Pakistani flag and expressed their complete willingness to get affiliated with Pakistan, which gave another spark to Indian Terrorism. Indian Armed Forces are yet still continuing their brutality in the valley and beating the Kashmiris to death in an extremely inhumane way.

United Nations (UN) is also silent on this matter and does not try to resolve that issue. Only OIC (Organization of Islamic Corporation) has expressed the concerns and slammed India over violation of human rights in Kashmir. OIC Secretary General Iyad Amin Madani, while speaking at a Joint News Conference with Pakistan’s Foreign Affairs Adviser Sartaj Aziz, has also urged the International Community to expose the brutality of Indian Forces in Kashmir. He also said that Kashmir is not India’s internal matter and much more efforts are required for exposing human rights violation there.

It is obvious that Nerender Modi won’t ever accept any interference in Kashmir related scenarios and issues. Since the death of Burhan Wani and rise of violation of human rights in Indian-held Kashmir, people of Pakistan belonging from different walks of life, have expressed their concerns for people of Kashmir on various platforms, be it Electronic Media or Social Media, people have bashed Nerender Modi and Indian government for violating all the basic principles of humanity in the valley of peace. A campaign from a Pakistani social activist and lawyer Muhammad Jibran Nasir to raise awareness about the violence in Kashmir carried by Indian Armed Forces, raised a storm and got the attention of both the Pakistani and Indian Media.

In the campaign, famous Indian public figures’ faces have been morphed, depicting what they would look like if their own faces been injured by pellet guns. These faces also include CEO Facebook Mark Zuckerberg whose team is yet on the constant mission to remove the relative posts and to suspend the accounts of people who raise voices against Indian brutality. The pictures of celebrities are combined with text, sharing stories of actual Kashmiris who have experienced violence at the hands of India Armed Forces and Police. This campaign would have surely further lighten up the extremist-thoughts of Indian government and Mr. Nerender Modi.

All of a sudden, India was looking to counter the response coming from Pakistan against the Indian government for their violence in Indian-held Kashmir. There is absolutely no doubt in it that Indian Intelligence Agency RAW is behind the terror activities within Pakistan Soil. Kulbhushan Yadav, an Indian spy working for RAW, when got arrested, accepted that he was involved in several terrorist activities in Karachi and in Balochistan. Since then, there couldn’t be any other second opinion about India’s direct involvement in funding terrorists for the attacks and spreading terrorism in Pakistan. On 8th Aug, India somehow managed successfully to launch another terror attack in Quetta when a suicide blast took place in Civil Hospital killing more than 60 people. That was surely a response from Indian side to people of Pakistan for raising their voices in favour of Kashmiris.

In the meanwhile, Indian media persons, analysts and senior journalists were also pointing out their own government for spreading wave of terror in Kashmir. To divert the attention, RAW preferred to encourage Indian Media to interview Baloch dissidents to bring a bad name to Pakistan. This is exactly they did when they contacted Chief of outlawed Baloch Republican Party, Brahumdagh Bugti on Pakistan’s Independence Day 14th Aug, for his views on Balochistan’s issues and Pakistan’s government policies. It is to be elaborated here that India has also got the links with those people of Balochistan who barely skip a chance to come up and speak against Pakistan. The bond between India and the exiled Balochis is considered to be one of the major reasons of terrorist attacks in Balochistan and in rest of the country.

Grandson of Late Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, Brahamdagh said to Indian News Agency: “They (Pakistan) call us terrorists. They say we are taking support from India. We are appealing to the international community to help us. They should come and see the situation and monitor everything. If you can interfere in Libya and Syria, why cannot in Balochistan? One cannot imagine all that happens in Pakistan, people are leaving their own nation out of helplessness.” Brahumdagh Bugti also requested Indian government to help Balochis in separating Balochistan from Pakistan, in the same way when India made it possible the creation of Bangladesh. To avoid any kind of public pressure on Indian brutality in Kashmir, Prime Minister Nerender Modi, on India’s Independence Day, had enough in his speech to talk against Pakistan and about people of Balochistan that Balochis are thanking him to raise their issues.

After the statement of Brahmdagh Bugti and Modi chanting about Balochistan, leaders of Balochistan reacted strongly against Brahumdagh Bugti and Nerender Modi. Chief Minister Sanaullah Zahri clearly said that people of Balochistan are with Pakistan and people like Brahumdagh Bugti are just a part of Indian funded groups of few people who only want to help RAW in destabilizing Pakistan.

Interior Minister Balochistan Sarfraz Bugti also bashed Brahumdagh Bugti for seeking India’s help to free Balochistan and called him as terrorist who gets funds from RAW for trying to destabilize / split Pakistan and is directly involved in killing of innocent people. A day later, different rallies were also organized by Balochis under their local leadership where they chanted against Nerender Modi and Brahumdagh Bugti and gave clear message to Pakistan’s enemies that Balochistan is a part of Pakistan and Balochis will always be recognized as Pakistanis first.

Balochistan, in the last couple of years has been on the progress track after Law and Order situation got better with the efforts of Pakistan Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies. CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) Project is surely paving new ways for people of Balochistan as well to make their lives better than before. There is no second opinion that Pakistan’s enemies are large in numbers and India cannot bear to watch Pakistan progressing and stabilizing its economy. Nerender Modi knows that by force, India cannot beat Pakistan so India would make use of every possible mean to spread terror within Pakistan and to give birth to proxy war as well.

We know that Balochistan has some notable issues, but being as internal matters of Pakistan, India has no right to talk about people of Balochistan upon the request of that Baloch individual who does not even own Pakistan. Let’s not forget what India is doing in Kashmir, therefore before talking and worrying about Balochistan Mr. Modi, you should better accept that the real terrorist is Modi Government and all the extremist parties that hate Muslims.

Obaid ur Rehman

The writer is Islamabad based Journalist / Research Analyst and writes on Politics, Current Affairs, Social Issues and Sports. He can be reached at;


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