Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Former Saudi intelligence chief: No heroes, only victims in Hamas-Israel conflict | TOME


Israel and Hamas Condemned for Acts Against Civilians, but Palestinians Have Right to Resist Occupation

The former intelligence chief of Saudi Arabia, Prince Turki Al-Faisal, has criticized both Israel and Hamas for their actions against civilians. While acknowledging that Hamas has targeted civilian targets, Prince Turki firmly condemned these acts, as they go against Islamic teachings that prohibit harming civilians and desecrating places of worship. At the same time, he also condemned Israel’s indiscriminate bombing of innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza and its attempts to forcibly drive them into Sinai.

Prince Turki emphasized that there are no heroes in this conflict, only victims. He believes that all militarily occupied people have the right to resist their occupation, even militarily. However, he suggests that a different approach might be more effective for Palestinians – civil insurrection and disobedience. Prince Turki cited examples such as the Indian independence movement against British rule and the peaceful revolutions that brought down the Soviet Empire in Eastern Europe.

The recent escalation of violence between Israel and Hamas has resulted in significant casualties on both sides. Ten days ago, Hamas launched a raid across the Gaza border into Israeli settlements, resulting in the deaths of over a thousand Israelis, including soldiers and civilians. In response, Israel has vowed to wipe out Hamas and has since carried out airstrikes on Gaza, resulting in the deaths of over three thousand Palestinian civilians. One particularly devastating attack targeted a hospital, claiming the lives of more than 500 people.

Prince Turki emphasized that two wrongs do not make a right and that both parties in the conflict deserve condemnation. He criticized Hamas for gifting the higher moral ground to an unpopular Israeli government, which even half of the Israeli public views as “fascist, miscreant, and abhorrent.” Prince Turki also highlighted the overwhelming military superiority of Israel and the devastation it is inflicting on the people of Gaza.

In addition to indiscriminate bombings, Prince Turki condemned Israel for targeted killings and the arrest of Palestinian children, women, and men in the West Bank. He also took issue with the current framing of events involving the struggle of the Palestinian people. Prince Turki questioned the notion of “unprovoked attack,” stating that Israel’s actions over the past 75 years have been a continuous provocation against the Palestinian people. He referred to an article in the Middle East Monitor that details the role of Israeli army veterans in the massacre of Palestinians in 1948.

Prince Turki highlighted the high number of Palestinian casualties, with 450 Palestinians, including 67 children, killed by Israel between May and July. He called for an end to this bloodshed, emphasizing the need for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Furthermore, Prince Turki criticized Western politicians for their differing reactions to the actions of Palestinians and Israelis during the conflict. He condemned the shedding of tears when Israelis are killed by Palestinians, while the same politicians refuse to express sorrow when Israelis kill Palestinians.

In conclusion, Prince Turki Al-Faisal has condemned both Israel and Hamas for their acts against civilians. While acknowledging the right of all militarily occupied people to resist their occupation, he believes that civil insurrection and disobedience might be a more effective approach for Palestinians. Prince Turki called for an end to the bloodshed and criticized the unequal reactions of Western politicians to the conflict. Ultimately, he emphasized the importance of finding a peaceful resolution that respects the rights and lives of all those involved.

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