Former NCBC chief: Without caste census, OBC sub-categorisation not scientific


QUESTIONING THE concept of sub-categorisation of the Other Backward Classes (OBCs), former chairman of the National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC) Justice Vangala Eswaraiah says and not using a caste census, this train might perpetuate injustice. He phrases the sub-categorisation, which is more likely to be proposed by the Commission headed by Justice G Rohini, as “un-scientific, atrocious and illegal”.

Speaking to The Indian Express, Justice Eswaraiah says if the federal government desires to sub-categorise the OBCs so as to give them justice, it ought to both publicise the info of Socio Economic and Caste Census (SECC)-2011 or it ought to conduct a caste census.

This comes days after present NCBC Chairman Bhagwan Lal Sahni mentioned the panel was in favour of dividing the OBCs into 4 sub-categories, in step with what the Justice G Rohini Commission, which was constituted to look at the sub-categorisation of the OBCs, is more likely to suggest.

The G Rohini Commission, whose tenure was prolonged final month, is anticipated to submit its report by July 31.


Why the necessity for sub-categories

OBCs are granted 27 per cent reservation in jobs and training underneath the central authorities. The debate concerning the sub-categorisation of OBCs arose out of the notion that only some prosperous communities among the many over 2,600 included within the central record of OBCs have secured a significant a part of this reservation. The argument for this sub-categorisation is that it will guarantee “equitable distribution” of illustration amongst all OBC communities.

Justice Eswaraiah, a former Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh High Court, was appointed chairman of the NCBC in 2013 by the UPA authorities and held the put up until 2016. Having labored with each UPA and NDA governments, he says: “I wrote to government of India that without the SECC data, it will not be possible to scientifically sub-categorise or take up the revision of the caste and communities to exclude existing castes or include other deserving castes.”

“I told them that you (government) have conducted SECC-2011 after spending thousands of crores but what made you to not publish it and only publish it selectively? To sub-categorize the castes and communities the publication of SECC is a must,” says Justice Eswaraiah.

He remembers a gathering of the Census Commissioner with Secretary, NCBC and Secretary of the Social Justice and Empowerment on the difficulty when he headed the NCBC. “They promised they will share link to SECC data but ultimately they did not share. I said that even if you share it, unless an expert committee is appointed and culls out the particulars of the existing backward caste-communities and other communities whose social, political, economic, educational level is very low, it will not be possible to take up the revision or sub-categorization (of the list of OBCs).”

He says what the Justice Rohini Commission is doing is all “unscientific, unconstitutional and illegal”. With this sub-categorisation, “some justice will be done, but it will not be complete justice. Injustice will perpetuate, continue and there will be hue and cry among the backward classes. It is not scientific and it is atrocious and it is illegal thing. Its an eyewash”, he says.