Sunday, November 19, 2023

Former Fatah Leader Accuses US of Assisting ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ in Gaza | TOME


Ex-Fatah Leader Mohammed Dahlan Accuses US of Complicity in “Ethnic Cleansing” of Palestinians in Gaza

In a recent interview with TIME magazine, former Fatah leader Mohammed Dahlan condemned the United States for its alleged complicity in the “ethnic cleansing” of Palestinians in Gaza. He also criticized President Joe Biden and his administration for failing to demand a ceasefire and accused them of escalating the conflict.

Dahlan accused President Biden of giving Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the “license to kill children.” He claimed that the US administration gave permission for Israeli forces to storm Al-Shifa Hospital under the false belief that it was a Hamas headquarters. Dahlan argued that the US was a full partner in this crime.

Furthermore, Dahlan accused Secretary of State Antony Blinken of turning the war in Gaza into a religious conflict. He questioned Blinken’s statement that he came to the region not as the American secretary of state, but as a Jew, suggesting that it could incite religious tensions. Dahlan argued that the US administration’s actions were exacerbating the conflict and undermining any potential resolution.

Dahlan also criticized European countries, including France and the UK, for not taking action against Israeli actions in Gaza. He claimed that these countries were also partners, to varying degrees, in the ongoing violence and suffering in Gaza.

The former Fatah leader warned that Israel’s extensive bombardment was breeding the next generation of Palestinian militants. He argued that Israel’s actions were potentially condemning Israeli citizens to long-lasting insecurity. Dahlan highlighted the dangers of revenge and questioned what could be expected from children growing up in Al-Shifa Hospital when they witness such destruction and violence.

When asked if he condemned Hamas for their attacks on Israel, Dahlan defended Palestinians’ right to defend themselves. He stated that Palestinians were not warmongers but would bravely defend themselves against those who sought to harm them.

Dahlan emphasized that any successful peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors relied on a satisfactory resolution to the plight of Palestinians. He argued that without addressing Palestinian rights, no peace agreement would succeed. Dahlan warned that if Israel did not make peace with the Palestinian people, it would not achieve security or stability. He predicted that without a resolution, the cycle of resistance would continue indefinitely.

In response to concerns about the suffering of Palestinians in Israeli retaliation, Dahlan reminded the interviewer that she had never experienced living under occupation. He highlighted the daily hardships faced by Palestinians living under occupation, including restrictions on education, marriage, and freedom of movement. Dahlan predicted that the next conflagration would occur in the West Bank, as occupation continued to destroy lives and fuel resistance.

In conclusion, Mohammed Dahlan’s interview with TIME magazine shed light on his views regarding the US’s alleged complicity in the “ethnic cleansing” of Palestinians in Gaza. He criticized President Biden and his administration for their handling of the conflict and accused them of escalating the violence. Dahlan emphasized the importance of addressing Palestinian rights for any successful peace agreement in the region. He warned of the consequences of ongoing occupation and predicted further resistance in the future.

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