Thursday, August 31, 2023

Foreign aid workers kidnapped in central Yemen


Two Foreign Workers Kidnapped in Yemen’s Marib Province

Two foreign workers with the international charity Doctors Without Borders are believed to have been kidnapped by armed men in Yemen’s central Marib province. The charity, also known as Medecins Sans Frontieres, reported that the two employees were missing, while local security authorities confirmed the abduction. The workers, one from Germany and the other from Myanmar, have lost contact with the organization, raising concerns for their safety.

Previous Abductions

This is not the first time that employees of Doctors Without Borders have been targeted in Yemen. In March last year, a German and a Mexican employee were kidnapped by armed men while traveling from Seiyun in the province of Hadramout to Marib. The safety of humanitarian workers in Yemen remains a significant concern.

Displacement Camp Fire

In addition to the recent kidnapping, a displacement camp in Marib was hit by a devastating fire on Sunday. The blaze caused extensive damage to the Al-Jufena camp, leaving 44 families without shelter, food, clothing, and other belongings. This incident is part of a series of fires that have destroyed similar sites throughout the year. More than 2 million Yemenis who fled their home provinces due to fighting or Houthi repression are currently living in Marib.

Urgent Humanitarian Assistance Needed

The Marib office of the government’s Executive Unit for IDP Camps has called on local and international aid organizations to provide urgent humanitarian assistance to those affected by the fire. The displaced population in Marib is in dire need of support, as they face challenges such as lack of permanent housing and limited access to essential resources.

Challenges Faced by Displaced Yemenis

Yemenis who have been displaced due to violence, economic factors, and natural disasters continue to face numerous challenges. The lack of funding from international donors has led to a reduction in life-saving food and other humanitarian assistance provided by the UN World Food Programme. This has worsened the situation for thousands of displaced people in Yemen.

Malnutrition Crisis

Local health authorities in Marib have reported a significant number of malnutrition cases this year. There have been 14,961 recorded cases of malnutrition, including 2,600 cases of acute and severe malnutrition among children under the age of 5. The situation is alarming and requires immediate attention and support from the international community.

Displacement Statistics

The International Organization for Migration has highlighted the scale of displacement in Yemen. During the first half of this year, Marib received the highest number of displaced families, with 1,455 families seeking refuge in the province. Taiz and Hodeidah followed with 572 and 416 families, respectively. The ongoing violence, economic instability, and natural disasters continue to force Yemenis to flee their homes in search of safety and stability.


The kidnapping of two foreign workers in Yemen’s Marib province highlights the dangers faced by humanitarian organizations operating in the country. The incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing security challenges and the urgent need for support for displaced Yemenis. The international community must come together to provide the necessary assistance to alleviate the suffering of those affected by conflict and displacement in Yemen.

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