Eyes on Assembly polls, Kejriwal tells occasion’s 27 SMC councilors, 6 crore folks of Gujarat watching you


Buoyed by the Aam Aadmi Party’s efficiency within the just lately concluded Surat Municipal Corporation elections, Delhi Chief Minister and occasion chief Arvind Kejriwal Friday mentioned if the folks throughout the state had been watching the occasion’s 27 newly elected corporators in Surat metropolis with nice hope and in the event that they carried out nicely then in December 2022 “a new revolution will come up in Gujarat”.

Kejriwal, who reached Surat on Friday to have a good time the occasion’s main beneficial properties within the civic polls in Surat, nonetheless, expressed apprehension that there may be “poaching attempts”.

“Even if they threaten you, or lure you by any means, or if anybody calls you, just tell (Gujarat AAP president) Gopal Italiya,” Kejriwal mentioned whereas addressing the occasion’s elected representatives at Mota Varachha space of Surat metropolis.

Earlier within the day, he was welcomed by a number of AAP leaders and supporters on the Circuit House at Athwalines space.

Exhorting the occasion’s leaders for a great present within the SMC polls, Kejriwal mentioned, “You people fought the elections in Gujarat without money and other essential facilities in the BJP’s core areas, where the latter has been in power for 25 years. It is not a simple thing. A good start is a big thing… If you (the newly elected AAP corporators) perform well, then in December 2022 a new revolution will come up in Gujarat. The public keeps faith in you. But, if anyone among you leaves the party and joins the BJP, they (the people) will criticise the AAP. If anyone among you leaves the party and joins another party, keep in mind that you would have broken the hope and faith of six crore people of Gujarat.”

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Referring to the Surat civic ballot outcomes, he mentioned a giant BJP chief, in his statements, mentioned that it is sort of a “nail pierced in the plate of gold”. Polls to 6 civic our bodies in Gujarat, together with in Surat, had been held on Sunday. While the BJP retained energy within the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) by successful 93 seats, the AAP bagged the remaining 27 seats. The Congress didn’t win even a single seat.

Kejriwal added, “You have to understand one thing, they are not afraid of you or the AAP, they are afraid of those 16 lakh voters who voted for you. These people are those who are fed up with them. Earlier, they did not have any alternative. Why the BJP is ruling here for 25 years? It is not that the BJP rule is good.”

The occasion chief additionally claimed there have been no native points as a result of the BJP had stored the opposition leaders “in their pockets” to date.

Sharing the occasion’s expertise in Delhi, Kejriwal mentioned, “When we first contested the Delhi elections, we won on 28 seats. The reason is that people kept faith in us, and the public said that these people are “desh bhakt” (patriots) and they’re “imandar” (trustworthy). God had given us 39 days to work in Delhi, and we labored arduous and in such a manner that we cleaned filth with a brush. We halved energy charges, made water free and supplied corruption-free governance. When we contested for the second time, we acquired 67 seats. The 6 crore Gujarati folks will hold a watch on the 27 elected AAP councilors of Surat…”

The AAP chief urged the 27 occasion councilors to work arduous to serve the folks. “I appeal to you to open a separate office at someplace or some part of your home, and arrange a phone number, distribute it among all the people in your wards, and ensure that you attend all calls that may come at any time… We will take the work of the 27 elected councilors of Surat and show it to different parts of Gujarat and seek votes (in the upcoming Assembly polls next year). The public of Surat has given you a place of opposition in SMC, work in such a way to make them realise what you are. Don’t let any illegal work be done, and don’t allow them (the ruling party) to do any illegal work.”