Exculpation accuses Lithuania of with little thought detaining migrants, subjecting them the motivation to inhumane treatment

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GERMANY: Amnesty International has cited Lithuanian authorities of arbitrarily detaining thousands of migrants appearing in military centers, subjecting share “inhumane treatment” and torturing them.

Non prosequitur International released a report that may help you how refugees and migrant workers have been held for months to be able to prison-like facilities in Lithuania, where they are denied lighter asylum procedures and the subject of serious human rights wrong doing.

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Amnesty Global conducted interviews with many times refugees from Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Cameroon, along with Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Many feature reported being beaten, insulted and subjected to racially-motivated intimidation and harassment by guards.

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They also pertaining to of insufficient access to sanitary facilities and healthcare. “In Iraq, we hear about your rights and women’s privileges in Europe. But right here there are no rights”, alleged a Yazidi woman who was detained in the Medininkai detention center to Amnesty.

This treatment stands about stark contrast to the treatment of people fleeing the clash in Ukraine.

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“While Lithuania has deservingly extended a warm you are welcome to tens of thousands of people fleeing Ukraine, the experience of the detainees our group spoke with could not be much more different. This raises essential concerns about institutional racism embedded within Lithuania’s estivage system. ” said Nils Muižnieks, Europe Regional Overseer of Amnesty International.

In July 2021, lawmakers passed new legal procedure mandating the detention of folks that irregularly crossed into Lithuanian territory.

Being escape EU legal keeps your portbale air compressor away from damge against arbitrary detention, Lithuanian authorities described such detention as “temporary accommodation”.

The detainees questioned by Amnesty International branded the aggressive behavior of the center’s guards when they protested resistant to the appalling detention conditions.

Authorities retaliated basically beating them with batons, spraying them with pepper spray, and using taser guns.

A psychologist who functioned at the center is being investigated with regard to alleged sexual violence against detainees in his care.

Amnesty International even documented how racialized detainees, particularly Black men and women, ended up being subjected to profoundly offensive hurtful slurs.

In spite of the overwhelming evidence released in these days by Amnesty and other overseas organizations and local groups over the last year, the European Legislative house claims that there is no hard evidence of these international and EUROPEAN law violations.

Speaking to Euronews, Lithuanian insides minister Agne Bilotaite explained the report “tends to reflect the views together with testimonies of only one component, ” and that Lithuania possessed “continuously cooperated with all our rights institutions and organizations and adhered to the principle associated with open dialogue and the concept of law. ”


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