Ex-Indian Army Gen confuses Shaan Shahid, Umair Jaswal as martyred Pak soldiers

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Pakistani netizens mock an Indian Army general who confused Pakistani actors Shaan Shahid, Umair Jaswal, and Bilal Ashraf as alleged Pak Army soldiers martyred in Panjshir Valley of Afghanistan.

Maj General Bakshi (retd) of Indian armed forces shared the pictures of the actors originally from the sets of the Yalghaar movie back in 2017.

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“Reports of heavy fighting in Dara Abshar & Parvan districts of Afghanistan between National Resistance & Taliban. Pak High command giving orders & counter orders (as they had done in 1965 war). Two SSG bns had been moved back to Pak. Have now been sent back again to Panjshir. Confused?” wrote Bakshi in a tweet.

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“Pak Army (SSG) has suffered very heavy casualties in Panjshir. Killed – 07 officers, 12 JCOs,75 OR & wounded 05 officers,09 JCOs 160 OR. Peshawar, swat, and Quetta MHs overflowing. Maj Gen Adil Rehmani has come back to organize discreet funerals in the dead of Night- like in Kargil. Like thieves” wrote Maj Gen Bakshi in another tweet.

Bakshi has a long career in the Indian Army and holds a Ph.D. in military history. However, he is known for peddling fake news.

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Replying to his tweet, a Pakistani Twitter user hilariously shared the picture of the Pakistani actors dressed in army uniforms.

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A joke gone too far?

An account with the handle @Fauji_Doctor shared a picture from the set of the 2017 Pakistani movie *Yalghaar* — ostensibly to poke fun at the Indian ex-officer, and wrote: “My class fellow from school days Maj Aijaj 2nd from left and Capt Jufar 1st from left embraced martyrdom in Panjshir. They were buried yesterday in Peshawar. ISPR is trying to hide these casualties. They fought bravely and should be honored as such. This is injustice by Pak Army.”

Taking the bait and without any investigation, Maj Gen Bakshi shared the screenshot of the tweet on his Twitter handle.

“This is the truth on #PanjshirValley and Pak casualties. As expected @YusufMoeed lied and Pak disowned its dead. This shameful nation with a shameful leadership refuses to honor its dead. Instead buries them at night to avoid publicity. Nothing can be more degrading for soldiers,” wrote Bakshi in a tweet.

Using the opportunity, Pakistani trolls hilariously mocked him and were amused by his naivety. Actors Shaan Shahid and Umair Jaswal also joined the banter. Commenting on his tweet, Shaan Shahid said, “Hello from the other side.”

Jaswal replied with his picture in the commando suit to Bakshi’s tweet. “Hello dear from Pakistan,” commented Jaswal.

Other Pakistani actors also shared images of Pakistani actors dressed in Pak Army uniforms.


Ex-Indian Army Gen confuses Shaan Shahid, Umair Jaswal as martyred Pak soldiers

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