Dubai announces new law to preserve rights of people with special needs

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DUBAI: A new law has been introduced in Dubai to ensure the inclusivity of people with special needs in different fields and sectors in the emirate. 

According to the new decree issued by the Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, people with special needs will be included in the process of drafting any policies related to this segment of society. 

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The Dubai Media Office also clarified on Twitter that a committee has been established to supervise the affairs of people with special needs, and a system has been established to report any violation of their rights. 

Additionally, the law will ensure that they are not deprived of an education, can participate in various activities and encourages their employment across all sectors in the emirate. 

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The new directive will help facilitate greater access to services and facilities for those with special abilities and will give them priority when opting for housing services.


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