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Don’t Yell at Popeyes Employees About a Sandwich

Don’t Yell at Popeyes Employees About a Sandwich

Screenshot: Claire Reduced (Popeyes via Twitter)

Yesterday marked the return of the considerably-hyped Popeyes hen sandwich, and persons promptly shed their marbles. Although I comprehend what it is like to be thrilled about a once-scarce food stuff item (hi there, Taco Bell fries), I am urging—nay, pleading—with everybody to please chill out.

The sandwich, which was pointedly re-launched on a Sunday, immediately prompted a little bit of mayhem. According to CNN (and the sandwich-seekers of Twitter), drive-by strains “stretched into the streets,” and I have seen a number of videos on-line of individuals actingprettyinappropriatelytoward the employees. I realize it’s a tasty sandwich, but there is no situation where yelling at Popeyes staff members (or any quickly food items worker) is an appropriate transfer. Even if you hold out several hours in a line, only to uncover they offered the incredibly last sandwich to the individual in front of you, even if they seem to be to be going very gradually, even if they ignore your pickles—none of these circumstances warrant you (an grownup) to yell at a restaurant worker in excess of asandwich. Even with thepromised further staff members(of two individuals per cafe), the virality of the sandwich meant its return was never ever likely to be simple on the staff, and I would not be surprised if some of them are howeverrecovering from the first go-about. If prolonged traces send out you into a rage, possibly stay away from the chain until factors die down, ormake your possess damn sand

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