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Each course in this bundle breaks down a different, crucial app development skillset
Each course in this bundle breaks down a different, crucial app development skillset
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TL;DR:Get the informative Android Jetpack and App Development Certification Bundle for $29, a 97% savings. 

With an average salary of around $90k a year, app development is a lucrative way to make a living  — and it’s in super high demand, too. Some companies are even paying people thousands for referrals; they need Android developers that badly. Basically, you’ll make a ton of moneyandbe wanted by pretty much everyone. Is that not the dream?

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Obviously, it’s not that simple — you need to actually know how to develop apps first. And while that may sound like a pricey undertaking, we’re here to tell you it’s totally doable (and affordable.) In fact, you can learn how to become an Android developer for just $29 with this five-course bundle. 

Each online class breaks down a different, crucial app development skillset: 

Understand Jetpack and build modern Android apps in Java
Yeah, there’s a lot going on in that sentence. Let’s break it down a little. Jetpack is essentially a library of tools that are meant to help developers write apps with ease. This course will walk you through all the latest libraries Jetpack has to offer and teach you how to use them to build an example app.

Discover the Kotlin programming language (and figure out what to do with it)
This course will show you how to create an app using another programming language known as Kotlin, which is essential for anyone looking to develop Android Apps. 

Build your own Twitter using Kotlin and Firebase
Now that you know Kotlin, you’ll move on to actually building your own social media app using it. Using Twitter as your inspiration, you’ll develop similar features, such as tweets, hashtags, tweet likes, retweets, follow hashtags and users, newsfeed, and more. You’ll do all of this inside Firebase, Google’s mobile app-development platform, in order to familiarize yourself with the process. 

Bring your Jetpack and Kotlin skills together for the greater good
Building on the extensive Jetpack you now undoubtedly have, you’ll combine this library of tools with your Kotlin coding skills and develop an app using your two favorite programming pals. 

Create a Tinder clone 
Learn how to build your own dating app for Android in Kotlin complete with user accounts, registration, profiles, swipes, matches, conversations, and more. Just think: You could help people find true love, and that’s not something you can put a price tag on.

So, yeah. A lot to learn, but even more (money) to be gained, and all for just $29 (which is 97% off its usual price of $1,000 for the whole bundle).

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