Saturday, December 5, 2020

Covid-19 vaccine research: ​Attacks by North Korean and Russian hackers

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Microsoft claims that hackers from North Korea and Russia have carried out cyberattacks on state-sponsored Covid-19 vaccine research companies.

According to Microsoft, a Russian company with the nickname Fancy Beer and North Korean groups called “Zinc” and “Cerium” are involved in these cyber attacks.

Earlier, Britain’s National Security Center (NCSC) accused Russian hackers of targeting vaccine research.

Russia, however, has denied any involvement in the attacks.

According to Microsoft, which develops cybersecurity software, the company has uncovered cyber-attacks that sought to disrupt the computer systems of seven pharmaceutical companies.

According to the company, such cyber-attacks have been identified on vaccine researchers in Canada, France, India, South Korea and the United States.

According to Microsoft, the Russian group tried to control such accounts by creating millions of passwords using the tactic of ‘brute force’.

A North Korean group disguised as WHO officials sent emails and tricked people to get their ‘login’ details.

All the attempts have failed, but Microsoft has warned that in some attempts, cyber attackers have succeeded in achieving their limited goal.

Russia has previously denied any involvement in such an attack on the vaccine research process. Officials at Russia’s embassy in the United States have denied the allegations in a statement.

North Korea’s envoy to the United Nations has not yet responded over this issue.

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Microsoft warning

In a blog post, Microsoft called on world leaders to guarantee “care facilities” in relation to global health laws and to take action against such groups.

This is not the first time that states have been accused of targeting vaccine work.

In July, Britain accused Russia’s intelligence agency of being active in targeting British and Oxford Covid-19 vaccine research.

The United States has made similar allegations against China.

However, both countries denied the allegations.

It’s all a vaccine race, with big nations vying for supremacy.

First and foremost, vaccine development, in addition to reaping huge financial, social and health benefits, it also improves reputation both at home and abroad.

Most of the state campaigns are related to espionage in which stealing information is preferred over the disruption of information.

However, in recent times there have been cases in which gangs involved in criminal activities carry out cyber attacks on computer systems of hospitals and receive huge sums of money in return.

Microsoft has called on governments around the world not to target the healthcare system.



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