Saturday, February 27, 2021

Conspiracy being hatched at BJP prime degree to wedge a rift amongst farmers: Jayant Chaudhary

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Addressing his 10th mahapanchayat in Mathura’s Kosi on Wednesday afternoon, Rashtriya Lok Dal chief Jayant Chaudhary warned farmers of “conspiracy being hatched at BJP top level to wedge a rift among protesting them”.

He additionally termed the assembly of the BJP prime brass, which included Home Minister Amit Shah, with celebration leaders from Haryana, Rajasthan and western Uttar Pradesh within the backdrop of the continuing farmers’ protest spreading throughout the Jat belt, resuming their makes an attempt to search out methods to finish the stalemate, as a “stigma on democracy”.

“This is shameful that a Home Minister who is under the oath of the Constitution and thus bound to deal with all without any discrimination of caste, creed or any other factors is directing BJP’s elected representatives to win support of the Jat community. Party’s insiders have perhaps confided to him that their hold is weaning owing to the prolonged stir,” stated Jayant. His first mahapanchayat had begun in Muzzafarnagar on Februrary 5 and can finish in Mathura’s Govardhan on Thursday.

“Will you (the political leaders) now divide protesting farmers and their families on castes and gotras for your political gains? Beware of political workers who are trying to divide you on caste or communal lines because he or she is only trying to axe your unity, which consolidated even more during the last few months. And over 200 of them have become martyrs for the farmers’ cause,” he stated amid applause.

Jayant added that it was excessive time that farmers ought to draw a “Lakhman rekha” to maintain at bay those that discuss caste, creed and neighborhood of farmers.

“A farmer is a farmer for whom the agriculture field where he toils day in and day out is the mother. But leaders like those in BJP have conspired with a handful of capitalists to sever farmers’ links with motherhood by usurping their holdings at throwaway prices.”

The RLD chief stated, “This is apathy that over 200 farmers have laid down their lives while protesting but no tears were shed in the Parliament for their sacrifice, instead Prime Minister Narendra Modi got emotional and his throat choked just because the tenure of a Congress Rajya Sabha MP (Ghulam Nabi Azad) ended. The earlier you recognise the true faces of such leaders the better.”

He stated BJP leaders won’t jolt out of their slumber until folks and farmers give a blow of poll to them.

“Do not wait, start showing them your determination by ensuring defeat to candidates supported by them in the upcoming panchayat polls. “We will have to show the BJP leaders that the nails which they have dug on Delhi roads will in fact become roadblocks for the party in UP Assembly polls in 2022 and the general elections two years later,” he stated.


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