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COMMENTARY: Monday’s weird election result is no reason to abandon our electoral system – Global News

COMMENTARY: Monday’s weird election result is no reason to abandon our electoral system – Global News

captured just around 46 per cent of the seats in the Home of Commons. As considerably as minority governments go, it’s a rather comfy 1.

Curiously, the bash minimum likely to complain about the voting procedure, the Conservatives, finished up with a seat full carefully matching their vote whole: 35.8 for every cent of the seats off 34.4 per cent of the vote. In the meantime, the functions who are most supportive of electoral reform got the rawest deal: 7.one per cent of the seats for the NDP with fifteen.nine per cent of the vote, whilst the Eco-friendly Get together received .9 for each cent of the seats regardless of 6.5 for each cent of the vote (the Bloc Quebecois obtained 7.seven. for every cent of the vote and took nine.five for each cent of the seats).

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All in all, a bit of a wacky final result — not for the to start with time and in all probability not for the previous time below our technique. However, inspite of that, there is no terrific clamour for switching that process. 1 could have created the scenario that the Liberal victory in 2015, coupled with the party’s assure of electoral reform, indicated aid for change. However, breaking that guarantee didn’t genuinely look to carry any repercussions. It might just be that Canadians see FPTP, inspite of its faults, as obtaining served Canada nicely. As significantly as keep track of information go, 152 many years is pretty outstanding.

A method of proportional illustration could possibly have given us a Parliament more carefully resembling the vote total, but would we essentially be greater off? Would we have improved government? Improved representation? I would argue not.

The Liberals gained 157 seats, which usually means they received 157 different elections at the community amount. There is benefit in Canadians owning a direct say in who their nearby agent is, even if a sturdy case can be created that individuals specific Members of Parliament should have a lot more independence and thus more electricity. That would be a person way of improving our latest technique.

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Monday’s election could have generated a chaotic predicament in our Parliament, but as an alternative we have some degree of balance. In actuality, security has been a hallmark of Canada’s democracy, and we’re far better off for it. As one particular skilled famous this 7 days, Canada’s tradition of getting “brokerage parties” — parties that can deliver about compromises whilst at the identical time bringing distinctive interests alongside one another — is probable straight attributable to our FPTP procedure.

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Canadians in B.C., Ontario, and most not too long ago, Prince Edward Island, have rejected electoral reform. That election this calendar year in P.E.I. basically manufactured a outcome that closely matched the well-known vote. In Alberta’s new provincial election, the UCP received equally a vast majority of the vote and a majority of the seats. Bizarre benefits, like the a single we saw this week, are not the norm in our method.

Once more, this is not to say that our process is perfect or that it’s heads-and-shoulders previously mentioned all many others. The onus is on proponents of reform to make the situation for why it’s so bad that it desires to be thrown out, and they’ve just failed on that entrance.

Supplied that electoral reform looks to be a non-starter, it would be much much more successful to appear at means of enhancing our present-day process. Empowering particular person MPs, as mentioned, would be of value. There are also sure locations of the country — in particular Alberta, my dwelling province — that ought to have additional representation (i.e. much more seats) in Parliament. We could also permit for more direct democracy: citizens’ initiative and voter remember, for illustration.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals may have received additional than they deserved on Monday, but that’s no reason to blow up a program of democracy that has, for the most section, served Canada nicely.

Rob Breakenridge is host of “Afternoons with Rob Breakenridge” on World News Radio 770 Calgary and a commentator for International News.

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