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Cold War, US Elections, Biden and the Chinese Communists

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It just isn’t too far-fetched to say that the long run survival or extinction of the Homo Occidentalis is dependent upon the outcomes of the US’ presidential election on November 3. Yet, I’m afraid it’s the case. Ironically, our future can be written both by a couple of farmers within the American Midwest or few vanguard pseudo-intellectuals on the nation’s east and west coasts.
Everything now all relies upon upon the escalating new Cold War between the West and China and the US election – two occasions which can be autonomous from each other, and but nonetheless interdependent.
What are the possibilities that China can conquer the world as both Communist or as a democracy? Communist are both few or many, relying on the strategic behaviour of the West, however as a free democracy, China can have all possibilities because the West can have none.
In this context, the extinction Homo Occidentalis, relies upon totally on the result of the Cold War. As lengthy because the confrontation goes on balanced and is contained to stay Cold, Western society can be protected and the required mutual distrust can be developed and consolidated to safe peace. Contrary to what’s extensively perceived as actuality, in the course of the 1947-1991 First Cold War between the US and its Western allies in opposition to the Soviet Union and its satellites, peace was maintained not due to a “balance of terror”, however due to “mutual mistrust”, which secured truthful and trustworthy offers.
This time, nonetheless, if the Second Cold War ends with a transparent winner, regardless of who can be, Western society, along with the Homo Occidentalis, will disappear for ever.
Why? Because!
If the Chinese Communists win, they are going to impose the Maoist Communist lifestyle on all. The White House can be painted yellow and the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed (Saint Basil), subsequent to the Kremlin, can be adorned with, as a substitute of candles, Chinese lanterns. As for the Berlaymont, it will likely be painted inexperienced and can turn into a dormitory for brand spanking new immigrants. It can be additionally sensible as the principle mosque of Brussels is subsequent door, on the Cinquantenaire.
Societies are living creatures and are a part of earth’s wider ecosystem, which has its personal rules that people can’t transgress. When a species is extinguished, it by no means comes again as others a with greater diploma of adaptability to the altering situations prevail. 65 million years in the past dinosaurs grew to become extinct as a result of they didn’t adapt to the altering weather conditions and since then, by no means reappeared.
 When a civilization disappears, it does so as a result of it has been overtaken and changed by one other and it’ll disappear along with all of its parts, individuals and ideas.
Alternatively, if China loses the Cold War the tip of the Western civilization and Homo Occidentalis, will occur, even with none sort of resistance. It can be an unconditional give up not just like the theatrical one Japan signed in August 15, 1945 on board the USS Missouri, however an actual voluntary submission of the white to the yellow race.
Once the Western Alliance defeat the Chinese Communists, after the celebrations come to an finish within the capitals of the West, and due executions are carried out in Beijing, when the mud settles, China will undertake the Western values of political and financial freedom. At that second, one and a half billion Chinese individuals, with an enormous working pressure that can be utilized to work for a poor meal with no labour legal guidelines, will enter right into a enterprise competitors with the over-regulated Western economies which can be filled with commerce unions, labour legal guidelines and socialist rules. It will take no time for China to beat the West, with out resistance and with our compliments.
As the Second Cold War for the Chinese Communists is a matter of domination or loss of life, in the event that they sense they’re shedding it, they are going to elevate the sport by upgrading the battle from chilly to World War III, which can deliver centuries of nuclear winter for all.
Therefore, the perfect way-out for everybody on the planet can be to maintain the battle chilly and preserve it occurring eternally. It will, with none dangers, safe the longevity of Homo Occidentalis, and energy within the palms of the Chinese Communist elite.
The Pandora’s Box
Upon his election in 2016, President Donald Trump opened the Chinese pandora’s field and regardless of who can be elected president on November 3, it doesn’t matter what he does except he completely surrenders to the Chinese communists, he will be unable to shut it.
Under the circumstances, there may be nothing we will do however wait to see who will win the battle that may decide our future – the farmers of the Midwest or the pseudo-intellectuals of the 2 coasts.
For the time being, it will likely be helpful to determine what we should always anticipate from every potential chief of the Western world.
If Trump is re-elected, the Cold War in opposition to China can be instutionalized, and the containment of Red China can be complete.
In this context, the antithesis between Trump and the Wall Street elite will amplify and the deep monetary institution will use means obtainable. From the leaderless Democrats and the media-induced avenue riots to the mobilization of minority and marginal teams. Yet, all of those can be rear-guard battles.
To include China, Trump must rebuild from scratch the Western monetary system by turning the banks into enterprise facilitators and cancelling all money owed in an effort to do away with the US’ obligations to China and help the return of American manufacturing items to the United States.
If Joe Biden is elected, home riots will instantly cease and, for a brief interval, home peace can be restored. The new president will work with Wall Street and the deep worldwide monetary institution, to keep up the established order of the financial system, pompously introducing leftist-inspired measures in an effort to diffuse the deepening financial and social chaos.
As to the dealing with of the brand new Cold War, Biden is unlikely to be as straight concerned as Trump.
The Cold War is a matter that, in all circumstances, with or with out the involvement of White House, is dealt with and operated by the State Department and the Defense and the Intelligence communities.
The Biden Family and the Chinese Communists
The interweaved relations of the Biden household with the Chinese communist celebration, as depicted in a 64-page strictly confidential intelligence report revealed on October 2, will legitimize the administration and preserve the president out of each delicate and exhausting Cold War choices and operations.
This implies that the combat for survival of Wall Street this time will proceed, not in opposition to the American president, however in opposition to the US administration.

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