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Child Deaths from Starvation in Sudan: NGO Reports


Starvation Claims the Lives of Hundreds of Children in Sudan

According to Save the Children, at least 498 children have died from starvation in Sudan since the outbreak of a war between rival generals four months ago. The conflict, which began on April 15, involves the army under General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) commanded by Mohamed Hamdan Daglo. The ongoing violence has resulted in the deaths of around 5,000 people and the displacement of over four million.

A Tragic Reality

Save the Children revealed that among the victims are two dozen babies from a state orphanage. The organization has been forced to close 57 of its nutrition facilities since the war began, and the remaining 108 facilities are running critically low on supplies. Arif Noor, Save the Children’s Sudan country director, expressed his disbelief at the situation, stating, “Never did we think we would see children dying from hunger in such numbers, but this is now the reality in Sudan.” He added that seriously ill children are arriving at nutrition centers with desperate parents, and the staff has limited options for treatment. The deaths are entirely preventable, highlighting the urgent need for intervention.

A Looming Famine

Last week, the heads of 20 international humanitarian organizations issued a statement warning that more than six million Sudanese people are on the brink of famine. The situation is dire, with hunger and malnutrition affecting millions across the country. Save the Children’s closure of nutrition facilities further exacerbates the crisis, leaving vulnerable children without access to life-saving support.

Continued Violence

The violence continues to escalate in Sudan, particularly in Khartoum and Darfur. Nyala, Sudan’s second-largest city, has been a focal point of the fighting, with at least 60 people killed and 250 wounded since August 11. The United Nations reports that 50,000 people have been displaced in Nyala alone. Aid trucks have been unable to reach the city, and the only remaining hospital is overwhelmed with the influx of wounded individuals.

The conflict has also spread to the North Darfur state capital of El Fasher, where the RSF and allied Arab militias have burned down at least 27 localities. The Humanitarian Research Lab at the Yale School of Public Health highlights the lack of intervention, stating, “No one is stopping them. The RSF are moving freely while the army is turtled in its bases.” The situation is dire, with innocent civilians bearing the brunt of the violence.

Urgent Action Required

The crisis in Sudan demands immediate attention and action from the international community. Humanitarian organizations must be allowed to operate freely and provide life-saving aid to those in need. Additionally, efforts should focus on addressing the root causes of the conflict and promoting peace and stability in the region.

It is crucial for governments, NGOs, and individuals to raise awareness about the dire situation in Sudan and support organizations working on the ground. Donations and advocacy can make a significant difference in saving lives and alleviating suffering.

A Call for Humanity

The tragic deaths of hundreds of children due to starvation in Sudan serve as a stark reminder of the urgent need for global solidarity and action. No child should suffer from preventable hunger, and it is our collective responsibility to ensure their well-being. By coming together and supporting initiatives aimed at ending the conflict and providing humanitarian aid, we can help bring hope to the people of Sudan and prevent further loss of innocent lives.

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