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Imran Khan Accuses Top Pakistani General of Betraying Secret Deal | TOME

Sources close to the ousted prime minister say Khan also accuses Gen. Asim Munir for assassination attempt and cover-ups.

The post From Prison, Imran Khan Says Top Pakistani General Betrayed Secret Deal to Stay Out of Politics appeared first on The Intercept.

Red Crescent: Israel Did Not Contact About Hind Rajab’s Death, Contrary to State Department Claim | TOME

When asked about Hind’s killing, the U.S. said that, according to Israel, the Palestine Red Crescent Society and U.N. have not helped investigate.

The post Red Crescent Says Israel Never Reached Out About Hind Rajab’s Death, Despite State Department Claim That Israel Said Otherwise appeared first on The Intercept.

Israeli Tanks Fire at AFP Gaza Bureau | TOME

Israel denied the attack, but a four-month investigation shows the office came under direct tank fire.

The post The Day Israeli Tanks Fired Directly at AFP’s Gaza Bureau appeared first on The Intercept.

Israel-Gaza Conflict: Deadliest for Journalists | TOME

Attacked in the field, in the office, and at home, 1 in 10 reporters in Gaza have been killed in Israel’s military campaign.

The post Israel’s War On Gaza Is the Deadliest Conflict On Record for Journalists appeared first on The Intercept.

US Allows Aid to Far-Right Ukrainian Army Unit, Training Already Underway | TOME

The administration says the “Azov Brigade” is separate from the old, Nazi-linked “Azov Battalion.” The unit itself says they’re the same.

The post The U.S. Says a Far-Right Ukrainian Army Unit Can Now Get Aid. A Photo Shows Training Was Already Happening. appeared first on The Intercept.

Israel Opposes Gaza Internet Rebuilding Due to Terrorist Online Threats

Israel destroyed much of Gaza’s internet infrastructure. A Saudi proposal to rebuild it was watered down after Israeli and U.S. protests.

The post Israel Opposes Rebuilding Gaza’s Internet Access Because Terrorists Could Go Online appeared first on The Intercept.

Columbia Task Force Confirms: Anti-Zionism is Antisemitism

The task force revealed its plans not in a communiqué to faculty and students — but instead in an Israeli newspaper article.

The post Columbia Task Force Finally Weighs In: Yes, Anti-Zionism Is Antisemitism appeared first on The Intercept.

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