Friday, July 12, 2024


US Book Ban

A prominent feature of the assault on freedom of thought and expression in the US is the race to ban books.

Europe Bans Racist and Deadly AI at Borders

Today, EU lawmakers are facing a unique opportunity to make sure AI technologies are used to protect, not surveil.

Ciudad Juárez Fire & Other Made-in-USA Hells

The US is just as responsible for the deaths of 40 asylum seekers as those who decided to let them burn to death.

Hopeful Dip in US Islamophobia

Last year CAIR registered a decline in the number of complaints from Muslim Americans for the first time since 1995.

Israel Sparks Tension in Al-Aqsa with Explosive Actions

Israeli efforts to change the status quo at religious sites in Jerusalem could trigger a regional conflict.

WHO’s Vitality Remains Crucial at 75 Years.

COVID-19 showed yet again the importance of the WHO's mandate to advance the wellbeing of all people.

Israel’s Violence is Terrorism – Stop Calling it ‘Clashes’

Worshippers in Al Aqsa attacked, Gaza bombed again. But the Western media still equates the neck and the guillotine.

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