Sunday, December 3, 2023


“Few ‘Bad Guys’ Prosecution Won’t Heal Lebanon’s Wounds”

Delivering true justice to Beirut blast victims and preventing the repeat of such a tragedy requires systemic change.

Nuclear Lobby Thwarts EU’s Anti-Greenwashing Efforts

Giving nuclear energy a "sustainable" label in a key EU regulation could derail progress on climate change.

Police brutality videos perpetuate Black trauma.

The wanton display of footage of violent Black deaths re-traumatises Black communities and promotes racist tropes.

African Union’s Push for Israel’s Isolation: Possible?

African states have led the charge against apartheid before. They could also spearhead the boycott of Israel today.

Turkey Mends Ties with Greece, Armenia After Tragedy

But will 'earthquake diplomacy' lead to a sustainable partnership between these neighbouring nations?

Guantánamo: ‘Sorry’ Hardest Word

After 20 years in Guantánamo and a seven-year hunger strike, Ahmed Rabbani is finally free.

Iraq Constitutional Reform: Avoiding Past Errors

Iraqi citizens and their grievances need to be taken into account in this new attempt to change the Iraqi constitution.

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