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Professors Nationwide Defend Students Against Politicians and Police: UCLA to Columbia | TOME

University faculty have put their bodies and livelihoods on the line amid a brutal, violent response to student protests for Gaza.

The post From UCLA to Columbia, Professors Nationwide Defend Students as Politicians and Police Attack appeared first on The Intercept.

US Gaza protests: Police called on free speech | TOME

It turns out, many self-professed defenders of free speech care to safeguard the right to right-wing free speech alone.

Israeli Weapons Firms Must Purchase Cloud Services from Google and Amazon

Google downplays its military work with Israel, but “Project Nimbus” documents tie the American tech giants to Israel’s deadly military capabilities.

The post Israeli Weapons Firms Required to Buy Cloud Services From Google and Amazon appeared first on The Intercept.

15 Years Covering Violent Crackdowns on Protests: Unhinged Police Overreaction | TOME

When police attacked student protesters, a lone trash can was the only damaged property I saw around City College of New York.

The post I’ve Covered Violent Crackdowns on Protests for 15 Years. This Police Overreaction Was Unhinged. appeared first on The Intercept.

Judith Butler Rejects Israel’s Genocide Alibi | TOME

The famed scholar on why reducing Hamas to a terrorist label sanctions Israel’s war on Palestinians.

The post Judith Butler Will Not Co-Sign Israel’s Alibi for Genocide appeared first on The Intercept.

Survey Finds Cable News Viewers Have Skewed Attitude Toward Gaza War

A tale of two Americas.

The post Cable News Viewers Have a Skewed Attitude Toward Gaza War, Survey Finds appeared first on The Intercept.

QAnon’s Origins: Sex Ad Panic | TOME

For years, the political establishment opportunistically railed against sex trafficking. Then came Pizzagate.

The post QAnon Was Born Out of the Sex Ad Moral Panic That Took Down appeared first on The Intercept.

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