Tsai Ing-wen Discusses Strengthening Taiwan-US Military Exchanges

President says allies working closely together to deal with global challenges including 'authoritarian expansionism'.

Israel’s Judicial Reform Sparks Mass Protests

Sweeping judicial changes, cornerstone of PM Netanyahu's far-right government, to get first reading in Knesset.

PNG Police Initiate Rescue Mission for Researchers Captured by Hostiles

Australian professor and three Papua New Guinea researchers were snatched at gunpoint early on Sunday.

Wagner Group Owner Claims Russian Military Refusing to Supply Ammunition to Mercenaries

Founder of military firm accuses officials of denying his fighters sufficient ammunition as part of an ongoing rivalry.

UNSC Expresses ‘Concern’ Over Israeli Settlements

Watered-down statement replaces draft resolution that would have explicitly condemned Israel's settlement activities.

Alec Baldwin Shooting Case Charges Downgraded by Prosecutors

Prosecutors dropped a firearms enhancement that would have established a minimum sentence of five years.

US Response to Biden’s Trip to Ukraine

Far-right US lawmakers criticise the president's trip to Kyiv, arguing that Biden should prioritise domestic issues.