‘On the Adamant’ Wins Berlin Film Prize

'On the Adamant', a film about a floating daycare centre for adults with a mental illness, clinches Golden Bear prize.

Jordan Hosts Israel-Palestine Talks Amid Violence

Jordan says the talks in Aqaba is part of an effort to halt 'a security breakdown that could fuel more violence'.

UK, EU Close to NI Deal: Irish PM

Momentum has been building for weeks towards a deal to ease checks on trade introduced under Northern Ireland protocol.

Thousands Rally for Ukraine Peace in Berlin, Paris

Thousands in Berlin take part in a protest against the delivery of weapons to Ukraine.

Nigeria Vote Delays

Election officials cited technical problems and the absence of voter registers as causes of the delays.

G20: No Consensus on Russia-Ukraine War

China and Russia refuse to sign statement condemning Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine Releases Banksy Stamp for War Anniversary

The stamp is based on a Banksy mural depicting a young boy defeating a grown man in a judo bout.