Bushra Bibi seeks major reforms in Lahore’s psychiatric hospital

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Wednesday, First Lady of Pakistan and wife of PM Khan, Bushra Bibi visited a psychiatric hospital in Lahore. During her visit to the Punjab Institute of Mental Health, doctors briefed her on the operations of the hospital.

Bushra Bibi visited different departments and checked the facilities provided by the hospital to its patients. The staff told her about the timings when patients are fed and the activities of the women admitted there. The patients are fed three meals a day, including two supplementary meals. Special staff personally assists patients unable to feed themselves.

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On this occasion, she called for giving special attention to the rehabilitation of drug addicts and elderly people with mental illnesses.

She also visited the affiliated kitchen and examined the quality of hygiene and the food for the patients and directed them to resolve the issues of patients immediately.

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Interestingly, the administrative staff kept informing her about the restoration of the hospital’s buildings. However, she was more interested in the treatment of the patients.

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While discussing ways to improve the hospital, Bushra Bibi inquired about the goals.

“What is your target and in how many months will you achieve it?” she asked the administrative staff.

She was informed that by 2022, the hospital’s sewage system would be updated. However, Bushra Bibi was more concerned about the patients’ mental health and demanded the targets and goals to be written on paper while she tours the hospital with doctors.

Moreover, Bushra Bibi advised that the priority should be the patients and their mental health. The restoration of the building should be secondary.

The First Lady of Pakistan was given gifts by the hospital. She also planted a seed in goodwill.

Twitter upset over First Lady’s visit?

The First Lady’s visit to the psychiatric hospital did not go well with social media users. They questioned her authority and did not appreciate her directing the hospital staff.

Meanwhile, many trolled her. The trollers questioned why she did not bring PM Khan with her. They also made disrespectful memes on her.

What social media users forgot is that the roles of First Ladies have changed. It has come to include involvement in political campaigns, management of the White House, the championship of social causes, and representation of the president at official and ceremonial occasions.

Therefore, it is indeed admirable that Bushra Bibi is taking a keen interest in the condition of mental patients and is actively seeking ways to improve their living state.

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Bushra Bibi seeks major reforms in Lahore’s psychiatric hospital

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